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"Given the raucous level of enthusiastic conversation that breaks out every time a new two-wheeled “test driver” returns from a trip along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, or across the new pedestrian-bike bridge and beyond, one begins to wonder if The New Wheel is perhaps just one shiny spoke in some newfangled, fast-spinning, alternative transportation revolution."

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"Coining themselves 'the optimistic bike shop,' Thurber, Wiener, and the team at The New Wheel are dedicated to their vision where an e-bike is an appealing choice for city living. For them, this means setting an example of how best to use this innovative technology and working collaboratively with customers to help bring their sustainable aspirations to life."

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"[Brett] Thurber and I saddle up on a pair of handsome aluminum-framed Ohm Urbans and head for the steepest, most commuter-aggravating challenge we can find."

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"We felt like superheroes. We both live on ridiculously steep hills on the southern tip of San Francisco, and we’d long resigned ourselves to not biking around town—until now."

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"At their Bernal shop, The New Wheel, Karen Wiener and Brett Thurber help you take the crank out of your next bike ride"

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"I've never been excited for a hill on a bike before. But last week I tooled around on an electric bicycle with Karen and Brett Thurber, the husband-wife owners of Bernal Heights' sweet-swanky new shop The New Wheel."

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"Brett Thurber and Karen Wiener... say they saw great promise for electric bike technology to change the way people get around and have doubled sales every year..."



Cnet's Molly Wood takes an electric bike from The New Wheel up one of the steepest hills in San Francisco.