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Electric Bike Test Rides in San Francisco
Electric Bike Test Ride

You've never tried anything like it

The most important—and fun—part of buying an electric bike is test riding. Trying an electric bike allows you to put aside specs and reviews and research and just answer the most basic question: ‘Do I love this bike?’ 

At The New Wheel we put a lot of time into your test ride because we know how important it is. We'll take you on a beautiful route around Bernal Heights with stunning views of the San Francisco skyline. Need to test a bike up an exceedingly steep hill? Don't worry, not only do we have steep hills, we actually have the steepest hills in San Francisco.

You can test ride as many bikes as you need to figure out what bike will work best for you. If you still aren't sure after test riding, why not do a more extensive day rental? Our rent to buy program allows you to put up to two full day rentals towards the price of your purchase, as long as you make a purchase within one month of your first rental.

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