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BH Easy Motion Jet - $1100


Purchased for my wife..unfortunately bike was to large for a 5'2 was certified by a professional bike store in Marin..

report available

bike rated excellant.

Miles: <500

Purchased: 2014

Location: Novato

Contact: (415) 596-5603

Stromer ST1 Elite - $2850


Amazing Electric Bike! Elite Stromer ST1 I purchased new in 2014 from the New Wheel in San Francisco.

Love this bike, but no longer have the storage space to keep it. Looking for a new owner that knows how AMAZING a pedal assist bike can be in demolishing Bay Area Hills. Climb +1,000 feet in elevation in business clothes! I BLOW past the hardcore bikers like nothing.

Miles: 530

Purchased: 2014

Location: Oakland

Contact: (415) 246-3720


Focus Jarifa Speed - $2900


This great bike has been 100% serviced (maintenance) at The New Wheel since it was bought new.

It rides like a dream and is light for an electric bike. I am just switching to another electric bike (since I am a senior now and don't crave the speed as much). Come check it out. It's in like new condition.

Miles: 200

Purchased: 2012

Location: Oakland

Contact: (510) 882-2802