Electric Bike Security

A simple guide to keeping your electric bicycle secure


The number one question we get after purchase is about how to keep an ebike secure.

We believe in a three part security solution that involves: investing in quality locks, taking common sense precautions, and insuring your bike (just like a car) against theft.

Step One

Buy Yourself A Good Lock

Abus Bike Locks Component Locks


  1. A well made lock takes time and power tools to break. Cheaper locks can be pried apart in seconds. This is why we only sell the best locks available for bikes: German made Abus locks.

  2. Another valid concern is the removal of valuable parts from your bike when parked. Make part removal difficult by locking components onto your bike, including wheels, seatpost, seat, even the stem and handlebars. We sell component locks designed to make part removal difficult and time consuming for would be thieves.

Step Two

How to Lock Like A Pro

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  1. Never lock with just a cable. Cables can be defeated by common hand tools.

  2. Lock your bike in a high visibility area, not in a dark alley.

  3. Bring it inside. Never leave your bike locked up on the street overnight.

  4. Take extra precautions if you lock in the same visible place everyday - i.e. outside your work. Thieves will notice and hatch a plan.

  5. Lock up at home, even in your garage. When a thief is able to get in your garage, your unlocked bike becomes the perfect escape vehicle.

Step Three

How to ensure your peace of mind

Velosurance Markel Insurance


  1. Insurance can be a smart way to protect your investment and put your mind at ease.

  2. You may find that your homeowners or renters insurance policy will cover your electric bicycle - make sure you check with them first. Different providers have different policies around electric bikes.

  3. If you would prefer to have a stand alone policy to cover your bike that will not impact your homeowners or renters policies, consider two private insurers who specialize in dedicated bike policies: Markel and Velosurance.