Attributes Chart

Assessing Strengths

The New Wheel's attributes chart was designed to help you understand our electric bike's strengths in a glance. We've singled out five important categories - commute, all-terrain, range, cargo, family, and speed - and rated each of our bikes in these categories in three steps.

We rate bikes based not just on what the bikes come with standard, but what is possible with added accessories that are compatible with each bike. So for instance, a bike that doesn't come with a rear rack, but has sturdy rack mounts, can score high in the cargo category.


The strongest commute bikes are those that require minimal maintenance and have extended service intervals.


The strongest all-terrain bikes allow for riding anywhere across any terrain. Suspension, quick handling, and appropriate quality components define all-terrain electric bikes.


Bikes that are strong in the range category have high capacity batteries paired with efficient drive systems to reach incredible distances per charge.


Strong cargo bikes have not just the carrying capacity to haul cargo, but also the hill climbing prowess to make the journey enjoyable, no matter how steep the hill.


Strong family bikes can easily handle the everyday reality of life with one, two, or even three children no matter how old or young.


Strong speed bikes have the power, acceleration, and top assist speed to get you where you need to go, fast.