Rohloff E-14 Speedhub

Synchronize your electric motor and your bike's transmission with this world-class gearing system from Germany.


Whether you ride for speed, leisure, adventure touring or with a family, electric cyclists can reap the benefits of this electronically controlled, fast and failure-free shifter system. The new E-14 from Rohloff synchronizes perfectly with the Bosch mid-drive system to operate the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14.

In addition to superb performance, E-14 distinguishes itself from all other shifting systems in incredibly useful ways. When riding, on board sensors detect when you have become stationary and the E-14 system will automatically shift to a pre-programmed gear to start off again. Say goodbye to starting from a stop in the wrong gear.

The E-14 is available on select Riese & Muller models shown below.


The E-14 is designed to complement the legendary 14-Speed Rolhoff Speedub, which offers a total gear range of 526%. The Speedhub has become known as the most durable and reliable bicycle transmission available. Speedhubs have been used in cooperation with ebikes nearly 20 years proving that this bicycle transmission is capable of withstanding the high forces on an electric bike drivetrain over prolonged periods of time.

The E-14 shifting system comprises of 2 main components: - the handlebar mounted electronic switch unit and the Speedhub mounted electronic shifter unit. The E-14 shifting system can be remotely paired to smartphones, keeping it compliant with future software updates, custom features and app connectivity. Planned release for these improvements is mid year 2019.

HOW THE e-14 system WORKS

The Bosch eBike-System synchronizes itself automatically with the Rohloff E-14. The benefits of this become immediately apparent once you start riding. Light press of the shifter button to reduce motor torque to permit a silky-smooth shift between gears. The E-14 enables an ultra-fast, 180ms shift-speed combined with an instantaneous drop in output torque of the Bosch motor No other electronic bicycle shifting system can compete with this shifting speed.

Gear indication is shown on your Bosch Intuvia display for convenience and shifting confidence.