Bosch Active Line


The Bosch Active line delivers just the right level of support with every push of the pedal –for relaxed commuting, touring and general everyday use.

The Active Line Drive system provides support at speeds up to 20 mph and has a max torque output rated at 50 Nm.

The Active Line mid-drive motor system is great for riders looking quiet motor performance, smooth support, and minimal resistance when the system is not delivering power. For extreme hill climbing or cargo requirements, riders may want to consider the Performance Line Drive or the high-torque CX Drive.

The ACTIVE LINE Drive Unit

The drive unit is made up of a direct drive motor and gear box, the controller, and a number of sensors including a torque sensor, a cadence sensor, and speed sensor.

The Active Line Drive motor is rated at 50Nm of peak torque output and a top assist speed of 20 mph.


Bosch has introduced the Purion, a simple 2-in-1 electric bike controller and console - putting everything you need to monitor and control your bike in one simple package, freeing up space on your handlebar. Scroll through your current speed, assist level, range estimate, and more with the click of a button.

The Bosch Intuvia console consists of a thumb controller and a larger console mounted at the middle of your handlebar. Select between four levels of assist and no assist and also track your trip computer settings, your remaining estimated range, and track your speed. Intuvia is operable when removed from your bike, and is programable here at the shop via USB.