Bosch Performance Line

Bosch Performance Line

The Bosch Performance Line motor is a new class of high torque ebike drive systems that offers great performance, range and reliability. The Bosch drive is a middle motor, meaing the motor lives in the bottom bracket and drives the chain. This design allows the motor to give you peak torque in each of your gears, making for great hill climbing ability with low power usage. A middle motor is also great in that it allows the bike to remain a bicycle since all the electronics are housed in the drive unit in the middle of the bike. Finally, since the motor is low and in the middle of the bike, the balance and handling of the bike is not compromised.

We've written fairly extensively about our experience with the Bosch drive. While the Bosch system is the most popular drive unit in Europe where it has around a 25% market share, up until recently it has not been available in the U.S. Starting in 2014 that has changed.

The Bosch drive is made up of three distinct components: the drive unit, the battery, and the console.


The drive unit is the heart of the Bosch system. It is made up of a direct drive motor and gear box, the controller, and a number of sensors including a torque sensor, a cadence sensor, and speed sensor. The motor system can put out a whopping 60Nm of torque. The drive unit will help you climb up absolutely anything.


Also new for 2017, Bosch has introduced the Purion, a simple 2-in-1 electric bike controller and console - putting everything you need to monitor and control your bike in one simple package. Scroll through your current speed, assist level, range estimate, and more with the click of a button. A non-glare backlit display makes information easy to view. The Purion, combining controller and console, frees up valuable space on your handlebar for lights and other items.

The Bosch Intuvia console consists of a thumb controller and a larger console mounted at the middle of your handlebar. At the console you can select between four levels of assist and no assist. You can also track your trip computer settings, see how much further, in miles, you have on a charge, and track your speed. The Intuvia console is operable when removed from your bike, and is programable here at the shop via USB.