Bosch Performance Speed

Bosch Performance SPEED

With a top assist speed of 28 mph, the Bosch Performance Speed drive system allows Bosch equipped bikes to enter the Class 3 designation of e-bikes here in California. Class 3 e-bikes are appealing to those with longer commutes or simply a desire for increased speed. The Performance Speed shares characteristics with the Bosch Performance Line drive, including a top end torque of 60 Nm.

Unlocking the top speed of this system comes with the incredible ride characteristics Bosch is known for, made possible by a triple sensor system which measures rider's input torque, cadence and speed in real time (1000 measurements per second) yielding powerful starts up even in rough terrain.

The Bosch drive is made up of three distinct components: the drive unit, the battery, and the console.


New for 2017, the Bosch Performance Speed motor system can put out a whopping 60Nm of torque and a top assist speed of 28 mph. This is the only Bosch drive motor rated to assist above 20 mph in North America. The Performance Speed motor features a composite shell and has been recognized with the Red Dot Award for outstanding product design.

POWERPACK 400 & Powerpack 500

The Bosch PowerPack is a 36V battery pack that powers Bosch equipped electric bikes.

New for 2017, Bosch offers two batteries of different capacities for the US market. The Bosch PowerPack 400 is a 400 Watt-hour battery pack, while the PowerPack 500 is a 500 Watt-hour battery pack.

The PowerPack 500 offers 20% more capacity than the 400 Watt-hour pack and adds only 3.5 oz to the overall weight of the battery. While range is difficult to estimate - Bosch has made it easier to predict your useful range with their online range calculator.

Need more range? Check out the new Bosch Dual Battery system, available on select bikes.

All Powerpacks can be charged on or off the bike using one of two Bosch chargers. The standard Bosch charger will fully charge the PowerPack 500 in 4.5 hours and the PowerPack 400 in 3.5 hours. The compact Bosch charger weighs 1.3 lbs and is 40% smaller in size than the standard charger, but takes longer to charge the PowerPacks - 7.5 and 6.5 hours respectively for the PowerPack 500 and 400.


Also new for 2017, Bosch has introduced the Purion, a simple 2-in-1 electric bike controller and console - putting everything you need to monitor and control your bike in one simple package. Scroll through your current speed, assist level, range estimate, and more with the click of a button. A non-glare backlit display makes information easy to view. The Purion, combining controller and console, frees up valuable space on your handlebar for lights and other items.

The Bosch Intuvia console consists of a thumb controller and a larger console mounted at the middle of your handlebar. At the console you can select between four levels of assist and no assist. You can also track your trip computer settings, see how much further, in miles, you have on a charge, and track your speed. The Intuvia console is operable when removed from your bike, and is programable here at the shop via USB.