Bionx P-Series
This classic retrofit system is upgraded to give you more options than ever

no longer sold - $ 1,799

Bionx P-Series


  • A great way to start: BionX remains the best all around motor conversion system on the market
  • Three battery sizes: Kit comes stock with the small battery (6.6Ah), upgradable to medium (8.8 Ah) or large (11.1 Ah)
  • Silent operation: brushless motor makes no noise even under load
  • Regenerative braking: BionX motor channels energy back into your battery when you apply the brakes
  • Choose your own adventure: New for 2017, BionX lets you decide your top speed - 20 or 28 mph
  • New RC3 controller: LED indicators allow it to serve as a stand-alone controller or pair it with an optional BionX DS3 Display.
  • Use your smartphone as a console: Optional bluetooth kit and BionX smartphone app allows you to monitor your bike status, elevation, heartrate, route progress and more
  • Made in North America: engineered and assembled in Aurora, Canada – just north of Toronto
  • Total weight: 17.6 lb

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Our Take

No longer available: This model is no longer available from The New Wheel. We have many other fantastic bikes to choose from.

Make sure to browse our electric bike selection or, if you aren't sure which model is best for you, let us help you find a bike.

Way back in 2010, BionX was among the first motor systems we tried that was smooth, powerful, and elegant in operation. We were floored by the performance and features of the system, from its regenerative mode that allowed the rider to charge the battery while braking to the way in which the pedal assistance worked so seamlessly with my pedaling. The fact that the system could be added to nearly any bicycle, move it between bicycles, and even take it off (though you probably would never want to do that) was just icing on the cake.

Fast forward to today, and Bionx is still the leader in the field. The system has improved over the years, offering better battery range and an improved display. What has stayed consistant is a product developed and built in North America, and a dedication to quality and service. That is a big reason that we are so enthusiastic about Bionx, and why it is trusted by name brand bicycle producers like OHM Cycles, Trek, Kalkhoff, Grace, and Riese & Müller.


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  • Motor

    BionX PL

    Small Power Pack

    Li-Ion / 48V / 6.6 Ah / 317 Wh

    Medium Power Pack

    Li-Ion / 48V / 8.8 ah / 422 Wh (+$300)

    Large Power Pack

    Li-Ion / 48V / 11.6ah / 557 Wh (+$500)


    BionX RC3 controller

    Console Upgrades

    DS3 Display or BionX Smartphone App (requires bluetooth adapter)

    Ride Mode

    Torque Sensed Pedal Assist (35% / 100% / 200% / 300%)


    (Nom./Max.) 9.0/40.0 Nm

    Max Range

    75 Miles

    Top Motor Speed

    20 MPH
  • Integrated Lights

    Optional City Kit
Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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