Faraday Porteur
The iconic Faraday blends style and simplicity while being both light & nimble

From $ 2,499

Faraday Porteur

2016 Faraday Porteur S pictured for $2499. See Porteur model at $3499 here.


  • 25% more tailwind: New for 2016, the Faraday Porteur S features a larger capacity battery for 25% more power and range.
  • Simplicity, refined: tried and true Shimano Altus 8 speed rear derailleur plus Avid BB-5 mechanical disc brakes get the job done.
  • De-light-fully accessorized: Integrated front and rear lights, all metal fenders, and a super stable double-kickstand.
  • Cargo and color options: The Porteur S is available in Slate Grey or Classic White finish with optional matching front and rear cargo racks. The Porteur is available in Classic White or British Racing Green also with matching front/rear cargo racks.
  • Enhanced Model - Faraday Porteur: features include Gates carbon belt drive, Shimano Alfine 8-speed rear hub and Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes - starting at $3499.
  • Steel is real...comfortable: You may need to try this to believe it, but the ride quality of the Porteur S (and the Porteur) is surprisingly comfortable. There's no formal suspension elements here, but the steel frame and classic riser bar offer tons of natural cushion.
  • Designed with you in mind: The Porteur was the People's Choice Winner of the Oregon Manifest competition where teams competed to design the best urban bicycle. Faraday is based here in San Francisco.
  • The New Wheel True Warranty™: Faraday's warranty backed by The New Wheel's professional service department. Includes lifetime frame coverage, 2 years for electronics, and 1 year for all other components.

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Our Take

The Porteur S, refined anew for 2016 shares many of the great features of the original Porteur while shaving the price. What are the differences?

The 250W electric motor is identical between the Porteur and the Porteur S, and the chromoly steel frame construction is also the same.

So how is the Porteur S different from the original Porteur?

The Porteur S drivetrain is a Shimano Altus 8-speed derailleur system. On the Porteur, the drivetrain is a Shimano Alfine 8 speed internally geared hub. While gear range is fairly similar between these two models, the Porteur and its internally geared hub offers longer service intervals in all-weather conditions.

The brakes on the Porteur S are Avid BB-5 mechanical disc brakes. Avids are one of our favorites when it comes to mechanical disc brakes. Strong and easy to adjust - BB-5s are a simple but sturdy touch for the Porteur S. By comparison, the Porteur features Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes which offer a little more stopping power and a noticeably more supple feel.

A Gates carbon belt drive on the Faraday Porteur is replaced with a chain drive on the Porteur S. A chainring guard on the Porteur S will keep the chain away from your pants - but the drivetrain isn't quite as quiet and clean as that of the Porteur.

Integrated LED Lighting remains a stock option on the Porteur S, which we love. And the optional front and rear racks are available for the Porteur S, just like the Porteur.

The signature bamboo fenders of the Porteur are made of metal on the Portuer S. A few other details (cork grips, different tires) round out the changes.

The Porteur S is the first in the new Faraday line up to get the largest battery, offering up to 25% more range to the average rider.

In all, we find the Porteur S to be a compelling option if you're not highly compelled by the Gates carbon belt drive, Alfine internally geared hub or hydraulic brakes - all features which we love, but are not essential for enjoyment of a Faraday.

As one of our most competitively priced bikes, the Porteur S represents a unique entry point into the world of electric bikes in it's natural simplicity, style and ease of use.

If you are drawn to the Faraday concept but need a bike with a step through frame, check out the Faraday Cortland detailed here.


  • Size 51, 55, 59cm
    Fork Faraday Chromoly Steel
    Frame Faraday Chromoly Steel
    Tires Porteur S Chao Yang 26 x 1.75"
    Tires Porteur Continental Contact, 26 x 1.75″
    Saddle Velo Comfort Gel
    Brake Porteur S Promax DSK-300R Mechanical Disc
    Brake Porteur Tektro Vela Hydraulic Disc
    Transmission Porteur S Chain
    Transmission Porteur Gates Carbon Belt Drive
    Hub Porteur S Shimano Generic Freehub
    Hub Porteur Shimano Alfine 8 IGH
    Shifter Porteur S Shimano 7-Speed Gripshift
    Shifter Porteur Shimano Alfine 8-Speed Rapidfire
  • Motor 250W Geared Motor
    Power Pack 306wh Integrated Lithium-Ion
    Console E-Ink Thumb Control
    Ride Mode Torque Sensed Pedal Assist
    Max Range 25 miles
    Top Motor Speed 20 mph
  • Front & Rear Light Yes, Integrated
    Fender Integrated Aluminum or Bamboo
    Rear Carry Rack Optional
    Front Carry Rack Optional
    Chain Guard Yes
    Kickstand Yes
Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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