The open road Stromer. Go faster, get places quicker, and do it all in style

Not available -  $ 3,999



  • Refer to 2018 Model - Stromer ST1X: blending the technology of the ST1 Platinum and the ST2 - priced at $4999

  • Free City Kit: Stromer ST1's now include a City Kit which includes Fenders, RackTime rear rack, and Busch & Muller front and rear lights.
  • Built for Speed: Motor assistance up to 30mph thanks to the Platinum's speed hub drive. Excels at straightaways but has lower torque than the ST1 Elite for hills
  • Inter-Urban Chic: A sleek and powerful commuter ebike for the short and long haul
  • The Small Things Count: Get the Swiss fit, finish, and attention to detail
  • Charge on the Go: Regenerative braking for maximum range per charge (up to 55 miles per charge)
  • Quick and Powerful: Large, high torque direct drive hub motor means incredible hill climbing and fast acceleration
  • Top Flight Components: Magura MT2 hydraulic brakes, Schwalbe Big Ben kevlar tires, and Shimano XT 27-Speed transmission
  • Outstanding 2-year warranty

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Our Take

  • Refer to 2018 Model - Stromer ST1X: blending the technology of the ST1 Platinum and the ST2 - priced at $4999

Leave the train station in Zurich city center, wait a minute or two, and you're going to see a Stromer. Walk out into Zurich suburbs, and you'll see a Stromer. Have dinner at a remote Swiss chalet and you'll probably be dining with a couple who arrived there by Stromer. In fact, it is hard to go anywhere in Switzerland without spotting a Stromer. It's exciting to see such a critical mass of ebikes anywhere, but it's especially impressive to see the market share of Stromer. And it isn't an accident or dumb luck either. The success of the brand can be attributed to Thömas Binggeli, the young entrepreneur and bicycle shop veteran, who conceived of Stromer in 2007 and has shepherded the brand to its success.

With a keen understanding of the customer, thanks in no small part to his experience building one of the top bicycle shops in Switzerland, and a passion for getting the details right, Thömas has created an ebike that is not just fast, fun and powerful, but straight up sexy.

Put sexy and ebike in the same sentence back when Stromer started and people would have looked at you sideways, but Mr. Binggeli proved that it could be done.

After meeting with Mr. Binggeli and his team at Eurobike and at our store, and testing the Stromer on our commute across San Francisco, we are excited to partner with Stromer at The New Wheel. Stromer is a company that thinks about ebikes like we do: modern alternative transportation that will compete head to head with the automobile, not just on green credentials, speed, and convenience, but on style, quality, and sex appeal.


  • Size 16.5", 20"
    Tire SCHWALBE BIG BEN 26 X 2.35
    Transmission Shimano Sora front, XT rear 3 X 9
    Rear Cog 11-32 Freewheel
    Crank FSA Tempo 30/39/50
    Shifter SHIMANO SORA
  • Motor POWER 48 HUB MOTOR 500W W/ 30NM TORQUE
    Power Pack ST522 36V 14.5AH 522 WH
    Max Range 50 MILES WITH ST522 BATTERY
    Top Motor Speed 30MPH
    Front Light City Kit Upgrade
    Rear Light City Kit Upgrade
    Fenders City Kit Upgrade
    Rear Rack City Kit Upgrade
Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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