Stromer ST1 T
Premium components and ingenious new shifting tech makes this the best ST1 yet

Not available -  $ 3,999

Stromer ST1 T


  • Refer to 2018 Model - Stromer ST1X: blending the technology of the ST1 Platinum and the ST2 - priced at $4999

  • Schulmpf Drive: Unique front shifter is hidden inside the bottom bracket, for intuitive and crisp shifting with the click of your heel
  • City Kitted Out: Includes Supernova lighting, rear rack, and integrated fenders so you're ready for an urban commute
  • Cleaner Cockpit: Internal shifting at the bottom bracket removes a shifter and shift cable from your handlebar
  • It's 'Rack' Time: The custom Racktime Stromer rear rack is one of our faves—simple yet immensely capable. Carry our largest panniers, or click-on rack bag or basket
  • Longer Service Intervals: No cable stretch for the front shifting and improved brakes means more riding and less service
  • Wider size range: The ST1 T will come in 17" & 20" frame sizes, for riders 5'4" and up. No comfort frame option

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Our Take

  • Refer to 2018 Model - Stromer ST1X: blending the technology of the ST1 Platinum and the ST2 - priced at $4999

No longer available: This model is no longer available from The New Wheel. We have many other fantastic bikes to choose from.

Make sure to browse our electric bike selection or, if you aren't sure which model is best for you, let us help you find a bike.

For 2016, Stromer is releasing significant updates to the ST1 line-up, including the new ST1 T. The 'T' stands for touring, and there are elements of this bike that lend themselves to that use. However, we peg the ST1 T as a great commuter with its simplified shifting system, included lights, fenders, and rear cargo rack, as well as some component improvements to increase the length of service intervals.

The ST1 T is replacing ST1 Platinum in our line up for 2016, though we will continue to sell the ST1 Elite. The ST1 T has some similarities to the ST1 Platinum, including the time tested Power 48 Stromer speed motor and a Class 3 "speed" designation (meaning it will assist you up to 28 mph).

The ST1 T features the new Schlumpf shifting system. The Schlumpf was originally designed and manufactured in Switzerland though it now is manufactured in Germany. An alternative to a front derailleur and multiple front chainrings, the Schlumpf drive is a planetary gear system that is concealed within the bottom bracket.

What this means is that you have 2 gear options with only 1 exposed chainring. Shifting between gears is achieved with the click of your heel against the crank arm. Confused? Don't be. It's perhaps the simplest and most intuitive shifting experience ever.

In addition, the new ST1 T comes with what was an optional "City Kit" of urban accessories, standard. That includes a Supernova front and B&M rear light, integrated fenders and rack, all designed to ready your ride for all weather conditions, day or night.

We think this is a slick move on the part of Stromer, and bucks the trend of performance oriented bikes coming without needed add-ons.

The large format battery (522 Wh), Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Schwalbe Big Ben tires, and a slick new bronze paint-job all add form and functionality to an already impressive bike.


  • Size 16.5" & 20" Sport Frame (no Comfort Frame option)
    Tire SCHWALBE BIG BEN 26 X 2.35
    Seat Stromer Custom by Ergon
    Brake Tektro Dorado Hydraulic Brakes
    Transmission Schlumpf 2 Speed Front, Shimano XT 9-Speed
    Shifter Schlumpf Heel Click Front, Shimano XT Rear
    Gear Ratio Front: 30, Rear: 11-32
    Headset Sealed Cartridge
    Stem ST2 Style by Stromer
  • Motor POWER 48 HUB MOTOR 500W W/ 30NM TORQUE
    Power Pack ST522 36V 14.5AH 522 WH
    Max Range 50 MILES WITH ST522 BATTERY
    Top Motor Speed 28MPH
    Front Light SuperNova E-3 Ebike
    Rear Light B & M Toplight Mini
    Fenders Stromer
    Rear Rack Custom Racktime by Stromer
Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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