Stromer ST1 X
Premium fit and finish. Power to get where you need to go, fast.

 $ 4,999

Stromer ST1 X


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  • Stromer, The Integrated Ebike: Built from the ground up to be the most advanced, high-performance bike on the market. 
  • Energize Your Ride with CYRO Drive: This 48 volt, 500-watt direct drive Stromer motor system delivers torque, power, speed and regenerative braking seamlessly and silently.         >> More on CYRO Drive on our Motor Systems page.
  • More Frame Size Options:  Three sizes (17", 20" and 22") and two styles.  The popular lower stand-over comfort frame now comes in both 17" & 20" sizes.
  • Batteries...Big, Bigger, Biggest: Up to 65 miles per charge on the standard 614 Wh battery. Need even more? Upgrade to the 814Wh (+$500), or even the massive 983Wh (+$1000) power pack.
  • Industry-leading Anti-Theft Tech: The built-in OMNI is your wireless link between you, your Stromer, and Stomer's worldwide anti-theft tracking and remote lockout system. Using GPS location and GSM global cellular connectivity, with Stromer's OMNI you can render a stolen bike unrideable and track its location. No other anti-theft technology comes close.
  • Four Colors to Match Your Style: Available in Sand, Charcoal, Orange and Ocean (pictured above)
  • Refined Fit and Finish: Frame-embedded OMNI display, internally routed cables, custom fenders & integrated pannier rack. And new for 2019, an elegant high-output Roxim headlight, world-class Supernova tail-lights, brake-lights, and horn.
  • Speed Commuting, Perfected: The ST1X is the go-to long distance commuter bike, offering unmatched performance, speed, long service intervals, for many years of reliable transportation and fun.
  • A Warranty You Can Trust: Stromer's seamless warranty is backed by The New Wheel True Warranty™, upheld by our professional service department. Includes Ten-year frame coverage, Two years for all electronics, and original manufacturer's warranties on all other components (some exceptions apply).

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Our Take

The ST1 X is the logical heir apparent to the vaunted Stromer ST2, now no longer officially in production.  What are the major differences between the ST1 X of today and the ST2 of yesteryear?  

Namely, the ST2 offered a tad more power courtesy of the SYNO Drive motor (vs the ST1 X's CYRO Drive motor).  In most other respects, the ST1 X presents the value, aesthetics and performance of the ST2 in a more affordable package with a wide range of sizes, colors and frame styles to choose from.

The ST1 X is cloud-connected by the onboard OMNI. Using GSM and GPS satellites, OMNI provides a suite of fun, useful, and downright necessary services for your bike. Once registered to you, you can use the Stromer app on your smartphone to lock/unlock your bike, track your bike and even lock the rear wheel if stolen. You can also fine tune the performance profile of your electric assist system, update bike firmware and document bike service.

In addition to unrivaled connectivity and all the benefits therein, the ST1 X is a performance-oriented speed bike featuring a 500W direct drive motor.

Perhaps better ridden than written about, Stromer has cemented its reputation on smooth and responsive ride feel, unmatched on the market.  The ST1 X, like every Stromer out there, is a designed to entice to ride your bike every day.

On the spec side, Stromer leaves out nothing: top-end Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain makes shifting simple and fast. Custom hydraulic disc brakes designed by TRP will stop you on a dime while triggering the motor to regeneratively charge your battery.

Last but not least, the ST1 X comes standard with front and rear lighting, fenders, and a sturdy rear rack to make this bike ready for your commute on day one.

Who is this bike good for? If you have been lusting after a Stromer, or you're craving performance from your electric bike, the ST1 X represents the intersection of features, value, and aesthetics from a trusted, innovative leader.


  • Size

    Sport Frame:17",20",22" Comfort Frame: 17" & 20"


    Stromer ST1 X Aluminum Fork


    ST1 X Aluminum


    Alex Double-Wall


    Schwalbe BigBen Energizer Compound 26x2.15


    Sealed Cartridge Front


    Stromer Custom


    HD822 hydraulic disc brakes by TRP


    Shimano Deore 10-speed, 11-42 cassette & 52t chainring


    FSA Omega 52T

    Rear Derailleur

    Shimano Deore


    Shimano Deore 10 speed


    Ergon GS1


    Integrated Cartridge
  • Motor

    CYRO Drive 500W w/ 35Nm torque

    Power Pack

    618Wh (upgrades available)


    Integrated OMNI w/ Thumb Controls

    Ride Mode

    Torque Sensed Pedal Assist

    Max Range

    75 miles

    Top Motor Speed

    28 mph
  • Communications

    USB, GSM, GPS, & Bluetooth

    Front Night Light

    Roxim LF400

    Front Day Light

    Integrated Stromer Headlight

    Rear Light

    Supernova, M99 Taillight

    Rear Carry Rack

    Integrated Custom Racktime


    Stromer Custom Aluminum


    Stromer integrated horn


    Pletscher Speed Stand
Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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