Stromer ST2 S
Stromer upends expectations with this category defining electric vehicle

 $ 8,999

Stromer ST2 S


  • Stunning acceleration: SYNO drive is, hands down, the smoothest, most powerful pedal assist system we've ever experienced.
  • OMNI Cloud Connection: OMNI is Stromer's digital, wireless link between your Stromer and the internet. OMNI uses GPS location and GSM global cellular connectivity to remotely lock and unlock your bike, track and make a stolen bike unrideable, customize your assist settings, track your service and so much more...
  • Extensive range: The ST2 S features a nearly 1 kWh battery (983 Wh), for a realistic range of 60 - 120 miles per charge.
  • Shift like a pro, every time: Shimano Di2 shifting makes for a truly reliable transmission. Recharge the Di2 system battery with the USB charge port on your ST2 S.
  • A headlight designed for speed: 400% brighter than the ST2 headlight, the M99 Pro intensifies in brightness and changes the beam pattern as the bike accelerates.
  • Anti-theft system included: Secure, track and even disable your ST2 using your smartphone.
  • Speed when you need it: pedal assistance up to 28 mph.
  • Supercharged: 4.5A charging makes quick work of charging your ST2's big battery.
  • Finishing touches: Fizik saddle, Ergon locking grips, deluxe platform pedals and a stunning grey/red/white & black color palette.
  • The New Wheel True Warranty™: Stromer's warranty backed by The New Wheel's professional service department. Includes 3 year frame coverage, 3 years for electronics, and 1 year for all other components.

You Get So Much More

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Our Take

It’s not uncommon for us to speak about electric bikes as more than the sum of their parts. At best, an electric bike goes beyond merely a 'bicycle + motor,' representing a new class of vehicle light enough to carry up stairs, but strong enough to power you up the steepest hills.

The new Stromer ST2 S fulfills on this vision, and sets the bar for this new class of vehicles we call the electric bicycle.

The ST2 S is an evolution of the successful ST2 which couples the powerful SYNO drive with the connective OMNI console. The ST2 S builds upon the ST2 in many core areas: battery size/range, electronic shifting, wheels and tires, lighting and braking. The result is a bike with unbeatable range, incredibly low service needs and world class computer controlled lighting. Let us explain...

First, the ST2 S comes stock with a 983 watt-hour battery, approximately 20% more capacity than the ST2. Max range at a lower level of assist is well above 100 miles per battery charge. If you're doing a long commute or distance touring, this new larger battery will be essential for you.

Second, the already long service intervals of the ST2 just got longer on the ST2 S thanks to Shimano Di2 electronic shifting. Di2 uses electric wires instead of mechanical cables to perform the shift.

Once adjusted, there is no risk of cable stretch causing your shifting to fall out of adjustment.

Magura MT5 brakes, with twice as many pistons (four per caliper), will stop you more surely than ever, especially when combined with the powerful regenerative braking of the SYNO drive motor. Brake pad replacement will, for the average rider, become even more infrequent.

Finally, the ST2 S is the first bike at The New Wheel to feature the Supernova M99 computer-controlled headlight that adjusts it's beam pattern and light strength based on the speed at which the bike is moving. The result is light when and where you need it, all simply controlled at the touch of a button.

All in all, Stromer elevates the experience of electric bicycles to a zenith with the ST2 S, and we're excited for what this bike has to offer commuters and riders in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


  • Size Sport: 17", 20", 22" Comfort: not available
    Fork ST2 Carbon Fork
    Frame ST2 Aluminum
    Wheels DT Swiss
    Tire Continental Top Contact II, 26" x 2.0"
    Hub Sealed Cartridge Front
    Seat Fizik Stromer ST2S limited edition saddle
    Seat Post ST2 Custom
    Brake Magura MT5 Speed Hydraulic Brakes
    Transmission Shimano Di2, 1 x 11-speed electronic shifting
    Shifter Shimano Alfine Di2 Right Flat Bar Shifter
    Gear Ratio 52t x 11-40t
    Handlebars ST2 Custom
    Headset Integrated Cartridge
    Stem ST2 Custom
  • Motor SYNO-DRIVE 500W W/ 35NM TORQUE
    Power Pack 983WH
    Max Range 120 miles
    Top Motor Assist Speed 28 mph
  • Communication GSM & GPS
    Front Light Supernova M99 Pro + Stromer ST2 integrated headlight
    Rear Light Supernova M99 Taillight w/ brake-light
    Device Charger Integrated USB
    Fender yes
    Rear Carry Rack Yes
    Kickstand yes
Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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