2019 Stromer ST3 Launch Edition
The future of ebikes is here, and the Stromer ST3 is even better than we expected.

Sold Out $ 8,399

2019 Stromer ST3 Launch Edition


  • This model is no longer available, but there is a replacement model currently for sale in our stores:  

Check out the Stromer ST3


  • The Future of Electric Cycling: The Stromer ST3 is a cutting-edge ebike that offers not just unmatched technological features, but performance and durability in a class of its own.
  • A Limited Edition ST3 Offers Key Upgrades:  In launching the new ST3, Stromer has chosen to offer a Launch Edition model in a unique Deep Green color, with an upgraded battery (983 Wh) as well as a beautiful Brooks saddle.
  • OMNI Cloud Connection: OMNI is Stromer's digital, wireless link between your Stromer and the internet. OMNI uses GPS location and GSM global cellular connectivity to remotely lock and unlock your bike, track and make a stolen bike unrideable, customize your assist settings, track your service and so much more. Download this .pdf for full details.
  • SYNO Drive II's Stunning Acceleration: The ST3 features the all-new SYNO Drive ll motor, peaking at  600 W of power and 44 Nm of torque.
  • Double Benefits of Regenerative Braking: A feature unique to hub drive ebikes, regenerative braking captures your braking energy to recharge your battery while minimizing wear on your brake pads. 
  • Nimble Handling Thanks to 27.5" Wheels: Short chainstays, compact wheelbase, low bottom bracket: all this and more makes the ST3’s frame geometry ideal for the needs of commuters and perfectly matched to the ST3's 27.5” wheels.
  • Anti-Theft System: Remotely lock, unlock and track your ST3 using your smartphone.
  • Safety First, Second, & Third: ST3 makes strategic investments in your safety with its ebike-specific Cycl-e ST tires from Pirelli, a specially designed LED front light, and a Stromer brake system with four pistons at the front wheel and two pistons at the rear.
  • Launch Edition ST3 Available in 3 Sizes :

    The Launch Edition comes in M(17"), L (20") and XL (22") - all diamond (Sport) frame style. What's more, the ST3 is available with 2 different Stromer-designed stems (Urban and Urban Comfort) and three different handlebars. Freely combine these components to create a riding position that is perfect for your body size. 

  • Battery Upgrade on the Launch Edition ST3: The Launch Edition ST3 includes Stromer's largest battery, the 983Wh pack running at 48V.  Depending on your unique conditions, you may expect up to 120 miles per charge.
  • Get Super Charged: 4.5A charging makes quick work of charging your ST3's battery
  • Fully Integrated: Built-in USB charging, in-molded headlight and OMNI display, plus internally routed cables.
  • A Warranty You Can Trust: Stromer's warranty is backed by The New Wheel True Warranty™  and upheld by our professional service department. Includes 10-year frame coverage, 2 years for electronics, and 2 years for all other components (some exceptions apply).


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Our Take

  • This model is no longer available, but there is a replacement model currently for sale in our stores:  

Check out the Stromer ST3


Arthur C. Clarke, the British science fiction writer once wrote that ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ That is what is so appealing about electric bicycles generally. While painstaking engineering and 21st-century science is to thank for modern ebikes, the experience of riding one reaches beyond the technology: it is magical. It’s you, with superpowers.

The ST3 is a the long-anticipated evolution of the genius and inspiration behind our single best selling model, the ST2.  It remains a machine that combines human power, electric power, and IT so seamlessly that the only adequate description is magic. Stromer has, once again, built an electric bicycle that doesn’t just meet notably high expectations: it exceeds those expectations.


  • Frame Style

    Launch Edition: Available in Sport (Diamond) Frame Only


    17" (M), 20" (L) & 22" (XL)


    Launch Edition: Deep Green


    ST3 Aluminum, Suspension Option Coming Soon


    ST3 Aluminum


    Custom 27.5"


    Stromer by Pirelli Cycl-e

    Front Hub

    Sealed Cartridge


    Limited Edition: Stromer Custom Brooks C17


    Stromer HD942 by TRP


    Shimano XT/SLX + Microshift 11-Speed

    Gear Ratio

    F: 52t R: 11-42t

    Rear Derailleur

    Shimano XT 11-Speed

    Front Derailleur



    Shimano SLX


    Ergon GS1


    Integrated Cartridge
  • Motor

    Syno-Drive II 500W w/ 35Nm torque

    Power Pack

    Launch Edition: Includes 983wh Battery Pack Standard


    Integrated OMNI w/ Thumb Controls

    Ride Mode

    Torque Sensed Pedal Assist

    Max Range

    90 miles or 120 miles (w/ 983wh battery)

    Top Motor Speed

    28 mph
  • Communications

    GSM & GPS

    Front Night Light

    Custom Supernova

    Front Day Light

    Integrated ST2 Custom

    Rear Light

    Busch & Müller Toplight Mini


    Stromer Integrated horn

    Auxillary Device Charging

    Integrated USB

    Rear Carry Rack

    Integrated Custom Racktime


    Stromer City Kit Custom


Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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