Stromer ST5
The world's most advanced ebike - more powerful, more connected, more thrilling to ride.

 $ 9,999

Stromer ST5


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  • A brand new more powerful motor: The new SYNO Sport motor is the most powerful Stromer motor to date, offering 20% more torque than previous drives. And with the new "Sport" mode, the ST5 provides even more power at the push of a button.
  • An electric vehicle, made in Switzerland: The ST5 is an electric vehicle that happens to be a bicycle, each one made in Stromer's own factory in Switzerland to exacting standards. 

  • OMNI cloud connection with anti-theft GPS: OMNI is Stromer's digital, wireless link between your bike and you. OMNI uses GPS location and GSM global cellular connectivity to remotely lock and unlock your bike, track and make a stolen bike unrideable, customize your assist settings, track your service and so much more.
  • Extensive range: The ST5 features a nearly 1 kWh battery (983 Wh), for a realistic range of 50 - 120 miles per charge.
  • The cleanest cockpit: Stromer builds bikes with a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. The ST5 takes this a giant leap forward with a new, beautiful cockpit design that integrates all cables and wires into the bar and out of sight.  
  • New frame, wheels and tires:  The ST5 is built on a new frame platform based around a 27.5" wheelset. The new wheels bring better comfort and control thanks to an exclusive collaboration with world class race car tire maker Pirelli.
  • Shift like a pro, every time: Shimano Di2 shifting makes for a truly reliable transmission. Recharge the Di2 system battery with the USB charge port on your ST5.
  • A headlight designed for speed: 400% brighter than the ST2 headlight, the M99 Pro is a car headlight for bicycles, with a high beam so you can feel safe riding fast at night.
  • A Warranty You Can Trust: Stromer's warranty is backed by The New Wheel True Warranty™  and upheld by our professional service department. Includes 2-year coverage for electronics and components and a 10-year frame warranty (some exceptions apply).

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Our Take

Let’s get one thing clear: we love Stromers. Whether it’s the entry-level ST1  or the amazing ST2, we really love them all. It’s in the Stromer DNA to offer a riding experience that appeals to those who appreciate power, balance, elegance and response in category-defining electric vehicles. Since its founding in 2009, Stromer has pushed the boundaries of electric vehicle design, focusing on seamless integration of technology within a purpose-built proprietary design. In the process the company has driven the evolution of the entire ebike industry, raising the bar with each innovation. But most importantly, a Stromer is more than just a collection of components and specifications. A Stromer is a bike with a personality...the personality of a champion.

For 2018, Stromer continues to innovate in both performance and design.The Stromer ST5 carries forward the DNA of ST2 line, while distinguishing itself as a whole new breed. The most visible innovation here is a frame geometry built around 27.5" wheels for increased comfort and control. The ST5 also features Stromer’s new Syno Sport motor, providing 20% greater torque compared to the previous Syno Drive motor on the ST2. The new motor enables a “Sport Mode” for peak power on demand. Also new on the ST5 is a high-performance tire developed by the legendary Pirelli company.  Built specifically for the ST5 and available only on it, the Pirelli “Cycl-e” provides superior grip, speed, stability and safety. 

Additional refinements  are a streamlined aesthetic with cabling running through the integrated stem/bar, for the cleanest cockpit around.  Even the Supernova M99 Pro headlight is fully integrated into the bar. Uniquely sleek and stealthy, this bike will turn heads.

The ST5 innovates on connectivity as well. You might call it the first fully digital ebike. Locking and unlocking the bike’s computer and operation, as well as the battery, are all accomplished through a smartphone bluetooth connection. No more PIN. The digital innovation continues with the introduction of two-screen capability, meaning you can now use both the built-in color OMNI display and the new Stromer app on your smartphone simultaneously during rides, for convenient data access, tracking and customization. 

Last but not least, the ST5 is quite literally built like a swiss watch: not only designed in Switzerland, but also made in Switzerland, in Stromer’s innovative solar-powered facility. Simply put, it’s the ultimate commuting platform, the ultimate sport riding platform for passionate cyclists, and the ultimate electric vehicle enthusiast platform, all rolled into one. It does just fine as an around-town bike too!  If you’re passionate about cutting-edge design integrated with superior performance and state-of-the art green technology, the ST5 just might be the right bike for you. 


  • Size

    Sport: 17", 20", 22" Comfort: not available


    Stromer Alloy


    Stromer Alloy




    Stromer by Pirelli Cycl-e


    Sealed Cartridge Front


    Stromer Custom

    Seat Post

    ST2 Custom


    Stromer by TRP


    Shimano Alfine XTR Di2 11 Speed 11-42


    Shimano Alfine Di2 Right Flat Bar Shifter

    Gear Ratio

    52t x 11-42t


    Stromer Custom w/ Internal Cable Routing


    Integrated Cartridge


    Stromer Custom w/ Internal Cable Routing
  • Motor

    SYNO-Sport 850W/ 48NM TORQUE

    Power Pack




    Ride Mode


    Max Range

    120 miles

    Top Motor Assist Speed

    28 mph
  • Communication

    GSM & GPS

    Front Light

    Supernova M99 Pro + Stromer Daytime Running Light

    Rear Light

    Supernova M99 Taillight w/ brake-light

    Device Charger

    Integrated USB


    Stromer Custom Aluminium

    Rear Carry Rack



Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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