Tern GSD S00
Best-of-breed hill climbing, maximum ease of use, minimal maintenance drivetrain.

 $ 4,999

Tern GSD S00


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  • Seamless in-Hub Infinity Shifting : The Enviolo CVT (continuously variable transmission) rear hub gives you an infinitely-variable range of gears.  This means click-free shifting with a simple twist of the wrist–just adjust to feel. You can shift when stopped or going up a steep hill.
  • High torque for the California Hills: The new GSD S00 features the Bosch Performance Line CX Drive, the highest torquing motor available from Bosch. Climb any hill with ease.
  • Cargo Bike Features, Standard Bike Size: Unlike many bikes in its class, the Tern GSD fits on a standard rear car bike rack, or even inside an SUV or minivan. Even take it on the front rack of a city bus.
  • New Color: The new GSD S00 comes in an exciting and highly visible color: Mango!
  • The "Wheel" Deal: Compact 20" wheels lower your center of gravity for a stable, secure ride. They also give you even more climbing power!
  • Stopping Power Equal to San Francisco Hills: Top-of-the-line Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes offer the best stopping power available, thanks to a four piston design.
  • Rear Rack for Kids & Stuff: A strong integrated rear rack built to carry kids and/or cargo opens up multiple possibilities for the intrepid GSD owner. Tern offers custom accessories to maximize utility. Bags, carrier trays, front baskets, and Yepp seats all fit perfectly, enabling you to do just about anything by bike.  The GSD S00 even comes standard with a set of Tern's massive Cargo Hold Panniers.
  • Going the Distance: Standard range is 25 to 55 miles depending on assist level and terrain. Need even more? Double your range (or more) with an optional dual battery set-up.
  • Weekday & Weekend, City & Country: The versatility of the GSD is unmatched. Whether you're hauling kids or an adult passenger, embarking on a tour or a camping trip, transporting tools and materials for work projects, or need a do-everything utility vehicle as a solo rider, the GSD rises to the occasion.
  • A Warranty You Can Trust: Tern's warranty is backed by The New Wheel True Warranty™  and upheld by our professional service department. Includes 5-year frame coverage (10-years if you register with Tern), 2 years for all electronics including the battery, and full original warranty on all other components (some exceptions apply).

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Our Take


For 2019 the Tern GSD transforms into a line of bikes with two models: the S10, and the S00.  

Here are answers to some common questions about the new lineup.

How is the S00 model different from the S10?

There are two areas where GSD models differ: motor and drivetrain.  The S00 features the higher torque Bosch CX Line Drive, which is better suited for climbing with a load.  The S00 also features the  Enviolo transmission, containing its gears within the rear hub for reduced maintenance and durability. Shift at a stop as well as while pedalling, even up a hill. The Enviolo click-free twist shifter is user-friendly and intuitive, just adjust to feel with infinite variability. 

Find out more about the lower priced S10 model here.

What do the S00 and the S10 have in common?

Both models offer the same super strong, compact aluminum frame with integrated rack, secure thru-axles and top-quality brakes to ensure your safety.  Both feature the ability to attach up to 2 child seats without extra adapters, and a wide range of optional accessories to transform your bike from kid hauler to cargo carrier and back.


Who is this bike best suited for?

Urban and Suburban families have been our largest group on the GSD.  Primarily because it's our most compact cargo bike capable of carrying up to 2 kids.  The great ride and simple operation making it good for novice riders.  Riders with more experience will appreciate the nuanced handling performance at speed. The GSD can also fit inside many spaces where other cargo bikes cannot: your car, your garage, your office or your apartment. Verticle storage capability uniquely built into the GSD is especially useful where space is limited. 

Adjustability make the GSD a true car replacement.

Many of our GSD customers come to us seeking a bike to help them reduce or eliminate the burden of using a car in the city.  The GSD is supremely adjustable and this enables riders of vastly different heights to get a custom fit and enjoy riding. It's like having a different bike perfect for each family member, all in one bike.  Flexibile cargo-carrying options on the rear rack and the optional front rack mean you use the GSD in many of the same ways you use a car–passenger shuttle, cargo hauler and then some, even as a work vehicle for tools and materials. GSD means Get Stuff Done!

Anything else notable about the GSD?

The GSD S10 is our most affordable 2-kid-capable bike, with plenty of expansion options. The GSD S00 adds performance features, lower maintenance, and increased ease of use, as well as some included accessories.  The bottom line is that Tern delivers incredible value in both the S10 and the new S00.


  • Size

    One frame size fits riders 4'11" - 6'5"


    Tern GSD, 1.5" Taper, Boost Thru-axle, 110 mm, 7005-AL


    Tern GSD, 7005-Al, patented MultiTruss design


    Tern 36mm Atlas, heavy duty cargo wheel


    Schwalbe Super Moto-X, 62-406, Green Guard

    Front Hub

    Tern Atlas, Boost thru-axle


    Tern GSD, with rear handle

    Seat Post

    Tern Telescope, Aluminum, 34.9 mm


    Magura MT-5, hydraulic disc 180mm F & R


    Enviolo Cargo Groupset, 380% continuously variable gear range


    Enviolo Twist Shifter


    Tern GSD custom alloy


    KMC for eBike, EPT corrosion resistant coating


    Urban, sealed bearings, non-slip surface

    Gear Ratio

    20T Sprocket, 380% Range


    Tern Alloy Sweep, 27 degrees - Andros adapted


    Tern Andros Adjustable (G2)


    Ergon GC10, for swept bar


    Flux Pro, angular contact bearings, Physis integrated


    Tern Andros, adjustable, forged construction
  • Motor

    Bosch CX Line Drive

    Power Pack

    Bosch Powerpack 500 Std. / Optional 2nd 500Wh Battery Available


    Bosch Purion, 4 mode selectable

    Ride Mode

    Torque Sensed Pedal Assist with Walk Throttle

    Max Range

    50 miles (100 mi with 2nd battery)

    Top Motor Assist Speed

    20 mph
  • Front Light

    Tern Valo, integrated, 41 lux/150 lumens

    Rear Light

    Herrmans H-Trace, for eBike


    Includes Rear Cargo Hold Panniers, Standard




    SplashGuard, stainless hardware

    Frame Lock

    Abus Shield 5650 keyed alike with Bosch battery

    Rear Carry Rack

    Integrated Cargo Rack

    Weight Rating

    400 lbs Rider + Cargo

    Chain Guard

    SKS Chainblade


    Heavy-duty double stand, 80 kg capacity
Specs subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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