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Used Electric Bikes for Sale

Gazelle Arroyo C8 - 46cm - $1700

Seller's Description: Excellent mechanical condition. A few cosmetic dings. 360 mi on the odometer.

Miles: 360

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: 415-519-5741

Focus Aventura X30 45cm - $1600

Seller's Description: Focus Aventura X30 in good working condition with low miles. I can email you the sheet with specifications.

Miles: unlisted

Purchased: 2014

Location: San Jose

Contact: 408-398-6998

RALEIGH Route 1 medium - $1,850

Seller's Description: Ridden by a little old joke. My trip were short, ostly from home to church and the 2AM club. This link will provide you with many of the details: The price includes 2 original and one new(cost $700) . Mileage 1640 and was just tuned up at Tam Bikes. Come take a spin and it will be love ""on the first hill"".

Miles: 1640

Purchased: 2017

Location: Mill Valley

Contact: 415-250-1306

Stromer St1x 17" - $4000

Seller's Description: 16.3 mi. Full check and service preformed by REI. Rack and fenders included. Warranty activated on aug 2 for 2 year warranty. My commute changed to where i now need to use caltrain more so i dont have a good reason to use it anymore, right after i bought it. Everything new and professionally installed by REI. 631 wh battery and charger included. If you pick up and pay cash i will also include 250 dollar worth suspension seatpost for free.

Miles: 16.3

Purchased: 2019

Location: San Mateo

Contact: 602-550-8243

Tern Vektron - $2650

Seller's Description: Comes with a Tern bag, Ergon grips, and gel seat.

Miles: 500

Purchased: 2017

Location: San Mateo

Contact: 408-218-1836

Kalkhoff Pro Connect S27 XL - $1280

Seller's Description: $1,280 Kalkhoff Pro Connect S27 size XL (23.6”), color light gray - Sold with two Kalkhoff Panasonic 36V Charger – a great option to have one at home and one at work. Urban commuter bike, made in Germany, purchased new at The New Wheel (Cortland Ave, San Francisco); Serial # D168809 AV001834; well maintained at The New Wheel, and lightly used for casual road riding and commuting (approx 930 miles).

More info:

Miles: 930

Purchased: 2014

Location: Concord

Contact: 858-925-3075

Faraday Porteur S - $2800

Seller's Description: Faraday Porteur S White Purchased in 2015 and has been lightly used and well maintained so it is like new. Always kept indoors (except for when it was being ridden, of course). The motor assist can really pack a punch and get you up over the hills with ease. The assist has a great response to kick in right when you need it. Here's a tip to help you really extend the battery range: start off without the assist in 3rd or 4th gear and then when you go up a gear flick on the assist switch and really take off. Includes: Front rack (indispensable) Bamboo fenders Leather bike lock holder Bike lock Toe clips I am asking $2800 which is just over $1000 off the purchase price. A great discount given it is in such great condition.

Miles: Not listed

Purchased: 2015

Location: San Francisco


Faraday Porteur S Large - $1450

Seller's Description: I love this bike and ride it regularly to get up these SF hills. It has had regular tune-ups throughout the year from the New Wheel team since I bought it. I'm only selling because I'm moving and losing my storage space.

Miles: Not listed

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: 202-664-4280

Faraday Porteur M - $2800

Seller's Description: Fairly new Faraday purchased in February of 2019. Love this bike and use it for commuting in the city. Currently looking into a road bike so hoping to re-home this wonderful bike. I’ve had a leather assist strap and front rack attached all through Faraday.

Miles: not listed

Purchased: 2019

Location: San Francisco

Contact: 714-514-6980

Xtracycle Edgerunner Medium - $1000

Seller's Description:
FRAME: Xtracycle Edgerunner Orange Size Medium
MOTOR: Crystalyte, includes (motor, controller, twist throttle, Ebrake for regeneration, 20” wheel build, digital display console, battery = 1200Wh 52v15Ah, charger = 54.6Vdc 2.5A) EXTRAS: side leaning kick-stand, fender set, rear and front facing lights, side cargo bags, runner boards, 2 magic carpet seat pads
TECHNICIAN'S NOTES: Odometer: 2000+ -Braking needs improvement -We can't comfortably certify this bike. the battery charges and appears to be in good health but it's not a system that we carry so there's no way for us to give a complete idea of the system health the braking in the rear will need significant work to get right... the rear caliper is rubbing on the motor and the rear rotor has worn a groove into the caliper. also rear rotor is bent beyond straightening.

Miles: 2000+

Purchased: 2014

Location: San Anselmo, CA

Contact: (415) 519-0409

Gazelle Arroyo C8 46cm - $2400

Seller's Description: GAZELLE ARROYO C8 290 miles of city riding, black, 46 cm aluminum frame, 50 mm adjustable front fork8 speed Shimano transmission, Bosch power pack 400 WH, max range 40 miles, tope motor assist 20 mph, fenders, rear rack, and kickstand.

Miles: 290 miles

Purchased: 2017

Location: San Francisco

Contact: 415-665-2784

Stromer ST1 20" - $2700

Seller's Description: I am looking to sell my Stromer ST1 Platinum bicycle. I had a few extras added on when I purchased the bike (Brooks seat, Brooks genuine leather grips, LED night kit, two pannier bags, and an ABUS u-lock). I am happy to offer a test ride for serious inquiries. I have put 1,200 miles on this bike in the past two years and absolutely love this bike; it can make the city feel all downhill if you like. I have all of the original paperwork and documents to go along with the bike.

Miles: 1200

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: 507-327-2062

riese & müller Delite Mtb 54cm - $5900

Seller's Description: Like new, premium full suspension Riese & Müller electric mountain bike with Bosch Drive System, built-in 1,250 lumens headlamp and rear safety light. Oyster white, 2 front-mounted water bottles & dual batteries for greater range.

Miles: 175

Purchased: 2018

Location: Mill Valley, CA

Contact: 415-971-8919