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Haibike Sduro Trekking RC 2016 48cM - $3500

Almost brand new. Extras include: Ergon GP3 bar ends (very comfortable grips), Cirrus BodyFloat seat post shock (for an even smoother ride), and Shimano PD-A530 SPD dual platform pedals (original pedals available). Great SF commute bike.

Miles: 150

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco, CA

Contact: (415) 699-7422

Xtracycle Edgerunner Large - $7000

Barely used and equipped with "everything" you need.
- Bosch Performance Line Speed Motor
- Two Powerpack 500 batteries
- Front Porter Rack and Porter Pack
- Magic carpet seat cushion, Hooptie and U Tubes for for the kids
- Upgraded brakes, for the steeper hills
- Frontlight
- Kickstand

Miles: 390

Purchased: 2018

Location: Mill Valley, CA

Contact: (415) 640-7000

Flying Pigeon Box Bike 21" - $1200

History: a cool bike store in Portland called Joe Bike imported ~1,000 of these Bakfiets knock-offs from China and put premium parts on them. I bought this one 2-years used in Portland in 2013, shipped it to SF, and electrified it. I rode my son around it in for 4 years and then he outgrew it. It's a great family and errand bike.

Miles: n/a

Purchased: 2012

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (415) 894-5771

Gazelle Arroyo C8 HM 49cm - $3300

In mint condition, this bike has only been locally ridden for short trips about 6 times. Odometer reading of only 46 miles. Garage-kept at all times, the Pitlock bicycle locking anti-theft set is also installed. A Thule 9032 EasyFold Tow Bar Bike Platform is also available for sale.

Miles: 46

Purchased: 2016

Location: Tiburon, CA

Contact: (415) 902-5354

Stromer ST1X 17" - $4000 OBO

This bike has a lot of extras, including shock fork, the biggest battery for long range, and a floating seat post. The asking price reflects that. The bike has been garaged and serviced regularly, used for mostly short trips. Fast and reliable. Available at the end of August.

Miles: 1410.6

Purchased: 2017

Location: Berkeley, CA

Contact: (510) 390-5411

Xtracycle 2016 Edgerunner 10E 16.5" - $5000

Excellent condition - purchased when my kids were younger and we lived in SF. Now that they are older and we live in LA this bike is collecting dust, sadly.

Miles: 1150

Purchased: 2015

Location: Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

Contact: (415) 265-0567

Faraday Porteur Medium - $3000

Mechanic owned, ridden about 50 times. Front basket upgrade, carbon drive, Brooks saddle.

Miles: 300

Purchased: 2018

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (415) 497-1460

Gazelle NL - $3000

Beautiful Dutch e-bike with only 110 miles: hardly ridden at all. It was bought as a gift at a SF Bicycle Coalition auction and the recipient doesn't like it. It's been stored in a garage. Give this beauty a good new home?

Miles: 110

Purchased: 2017

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (415) 894-5771

FELT Verza-e - $2500

Felt Verza-e 48cm bike in great condition. This was used for a short commute I no longer have. It's been kept in great condition.

Deep step-thru frame design for easy mounting, comfortable ergonomic grips and suspension fork with lockout.

Great utility features including quick release front and rear, a welded rear carry rack (capable of up to 55 lb load), full length fenders and partial chain guard, integrated LED lights and a premium cafe lock.

Industry leading drive system from Bosch, responsive hydraulic disc brakes, rear heavy design to accommodate deep-step with less rigid frame.

Miles: 2000

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (415) 405-5901