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Benno Boost E 10D - $3900

I bought this Benno Boost E 10D with a Diamond Frame last September before the Step-Through model became available.

I currently wear platform shoes in order to ride this bike because I'm short, and thus the low mileage (66 miles total). It is basically brand new. I am selling this model so I can buy the step through model that I can actually ride comfortably and often. I originally paid $4350.

Miles: 66

Purchased: 2017

Location: San Rafael

Contact: (215) 353-0073

Stromer ST2 S 20" - $6900

My Stromer is in mint mint condition, there is NOT a scratch of any sort.

It only has 35 miles on it (you read that correctly). It just got verified by New Wheel, and is perfect like-new condition, both mechanically and cosmetically. 1 year warranty remaining. There is also a rack not shown in photo. Size: 20"

Miles: 35

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Rafael

Contact: (415) 205-6000

Gazelle Arroyo C8 HM - $3000

The only reason I am selling this bike, is to buy a smaller frame bike.

Bike has been modified to include: Bosch Cog Chaining -15t, Chainring ring 1-2, Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700x35C Smart Guard Tire, Pitlocks, Pitlock Set PIT01, Pitlock Seatpost Clamp

Miles: 356

Purchased: 2016

Location: Tiburon

Contact: (808) 635-8736

FELT Verza-e - $2500

Felt Verza-e 48cm bike in great condition. This was used for a short commute I no longer have. It's been kept in great condition.

Deep step-thru frame design for easy mounting, comfortable ergonomic grips and suspension fork with lockout.

Great utility features including quick release front and rear, a welded rear carry rack (capable of up to 55 lb load), full length fenders and partial chain guard, integrated LED lights and a premium cafe lock.

Industry leading drive system from Bosch, responsive hydraulic disc brakes, rear heavy design to accommodate deep-step with less rigid frame.

Miles: 2000

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (415) 405-5901

Kalkhoff Agattu 7 - $800

Kalkhoff Agattu 7. It's a good hill climber. I used it to ride back and forth from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Richmond district when I worked in SF. I have a new bike that's a little faster now. It's a class 1, so it doesn't have the 28 mph top speed but it's a good hill climber.

I've gotten it serviced a number of times at the New Wheel. I highly recommend their service, they've really helped me out on this bike a few times.

Let me know if you are interested. The price is right! It's already more then paid for itself by helping me skip bridge toll when I was working in SF.

Miles: 2400

Purchased: 2016

Location: Fairfax

Contact: (415) 497-3296

Specialized Jynx Expert S w/ Bionx P350 - $2200

The bike rides great but unfortunately I am moving and will no longer need it.

Bike was brand new when the Bionx system was installed in 2016.

Miles: ~650

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (443) 465-2283

Specialized Rockhopper Expert 19" w/ Bionx D500 - $2850

Bike is in great shape and can make it up any hill in the city!

I am selling because I am moving and no longer need the bike. Recently had a tune-up at the New Wheel and replaced the brakes and rear tire. Ibera panniers and cooler for the rack also available.

Miles: ~1200

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (443) 465-2283

Haibike - $3900

Mildly used less than 600 miles on display. never been off road. just city commuting.

A few minor scratches. House indoors. All Haibike manuals and info cards.

made some upgrades:


Rack and bags

Ergon Ergonomic paw handles

Front wheel lock

Miles: 602

Purchased: 2016

Location: San Francisco

Contact: 415-272-7273

Delite GT nuvinci HS (49 frame) - $6700

Bought 11/25/2017. It is an amazing bicycle that can be used in any terrain. I made a few upgrades to it by adding security locks (to prevent parts being stolen), a drop seat post and mountain biking tires. My cost was $8745 from The New Wheel.

This bicycle is fantastic on the city and makes San Francisco feel flat as you can ride it up any hill all the way up without having to stop or walk. I have also used it as a mountain bike from easy to medium technical trails.

I have become very enthusiastic about Mountain Biking and have decided to sell it to buy a dedicated electric mountain bike to use in highly technical trails.

All the original parts from the upgrades are included.

Current price without upgrades 8,086 plus 687 tax = 8,773

Asking Price: 7000

Miles: 220

Purchased: 2017

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (954) 832-0909

Stromer st1 elite w/ city kit 17" - $2200

Great condition! Everything functioning properly, just regular wear and tear you'd expect from an e-bike.

Selling because I am no longer commuting to work by bike. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Purchased and serviced at The New Wheel. Last serviced on 02/10/18. Comes with ABUS Bordo lock.

Miles: 2560

Purchased: 2015

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (925) 922-4441

Stromer ST2 20" - $3900

Great ST2 w/ 4k miles. Currently being tuned with New Wheel. Just looking to upgrade to ST2-S in a larger size.

Miles: 4000

Purchased: 2016

Location: Berkeley

Contact: (786) 546-1806

Focus Jarifa Donna Plus - $2499

Electric Mountain Bike. Don't need it anymore. It's practically brand new.

Miles: 25

Purchased: 2018

Location: San Francisco

Contact: (909) 859-9130