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How to tighten/adjust your Magura Hydraulic Rim Brakes found on Kalkhoff, Gazelle, and other high quality electric bikes. 


Tools & Supplies Needed

Torx T-25 wrench (found on many bicycle multi-tools or at the hardware store).

Step-by-step guide

  1. Locate the tightening bolt on the backside of the lever, between the lever and the grip. In most cases it will be a Torx head bolt (a six pointed star shape) but in some cases you will find a small barrel in place of the T-25 bolt, in which case the adjustment does not require a tool. 
  2. Carefully insert the T-25 wrench and turn clockwise to tighten ("righty-tighty"). This action will push the pads in toward the rim and will increase the tightness of your brake lever.
    Work in 1/2 turn increments, testing the feel of the brake lever and the smooth rotation of the wheel between adjustments. If you tighten it to far, and the brake pad is rubbing the rim when the lever is not compressed, you can loosen the adjustment by turning the screw in the opposite direction, to the left.

Brake adjusts indicate that the pad is wearing. If you notice that your pads 1/4" thick or less, it's time to schedule an appointment for a new set of pads. 


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