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How to properly install the front motorized wheel on a Faraday Porteur or Porteur S


Tools & Supplies Needed

  • 15mm box end wrench

Step-by-step guide

  1. Place the "anti-rotation" washer on the non drive side of the wheel, then comes the split washer and the the round washer.

    The placement order of the washers on the picture is wrong: anti-rotation washer > split washer > round washer.


  2. Attach wires. Run the light wire through the starnut and attach it to one of the wire that come out of the frame, attach the wire from the controller to the other cable that comes out of the frame. Hide the excess wire inside the stem right above the star nut.
  3. Run the power cable on the outside of the fender strut.
  4. The top of the fender attaches to the front of the fork.

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