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A full spec sheet on hubs in the Alfine and Nexus family from Shimano, including the Nexus 8, Alfine 8, & Alfine 11. Great resource for wheel building.


Shimano Alfine Nexus Hub Dimensions

 Model Number

SG- S700 

SG-S7000- 8 

SG-C6010- 8R 

SG-C6000- 8R 

SG-C6010- 8V

SG-C6000- 8V 

SG-C6000- 8C 

SG-C6000- 8CD 

SG-C3000- 7R 

SG-C3000- 7C 


Gear ratio: Total









Spoke size

#13 / #14
AOver locknut dim. / O.L.D. (mm)135135132132.3135130127
BAxle length (mm)187187184184187182 or 201175.5
CFlange distance (mm)57.357.358.358.358.354.656.2
DSpoke hole P.C.D. (mm)92.692.692.692.692.68783.5
EFlange diameter (mm)104.3104.3105.2105.2105.299.692.5
F Flange width (mm): F1 (left)
Flange width (mm): F2 (right)
GChain line (mm): G1 (outward assembly)46.846.847.747.8546.845.346.5
Chain line (mm): G2 (inward assembly)41.841.842.742.8541.840.341.5
HDishing distance (mm)
JAxle length from hub (left)26262625.726.626 or 3724.5
KAxle length from hub (right)2626262625.426 or 3424
LAxle sizeBC3 / 8 TPI 26
NDropout width (left, includes stay etc.)5-95-94-94-94-94-9 or 15 - 204-9
PDropout width (right, includes stay etc.)5-95-94-94-94-94-9 or 12-174-9
QNon-turn washer width6.
RSpoke hole diameter (mm)
SSpoke hole chamfer90°90°90°90°90°90°105°


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1 Comment

  1. Updated Measurements for 

    Nexus model SG-C6000-8R:
    OLD = 135mm
    WL = 31.8mm
    WR = 26.2mm
    Flange diameter = 93mm 
    by SB on 12/15/16