Service Membership Details

Applying for membership

Purchase of a service membership must be made within 6 months of the purchase of your electric bike from The New Wheel. Renewal of your membership must be made within one month of the expiration or cancellation of your membership. Each month after the one month grace period will add an additional $15 fee to the cost of the membership. Only bikes purchased from The New Wheel are eligible for a service membership.

Renewing or Canceling a membership

All service memberships are automatically renewed annually. You will be notified three days before renewal at which point a membership can be canceled. In the case of an expiring credit card, you will be notified to update the card on file. Failure to update a card in a timely manner may cause a membership to lapse, incurring additional late fees. A membership renewal can be canceled at any time but a current membership cannot be returned or refunded.

How the membership works

All service must be scheduled. We cannot guarantee quick turnaround nor can we guarantee a service appointment at the desired date and time. Once a service appointment is made, you can bring your bike in at the agreed-upon time and service will be performed. A service membership does not mean that you will not have any service costs. Please refer to our service list on the website to understand what is included in a Tune-Up and Complete Tune-Up.

What is not included

Service memberships do not include parts. Service memberships do not include non-routine repairs such as repairs for damage due to a crash, repairs for vandalism, or repairs due to misuse. Service memberships are not a warranty and do not replace or supersede the manufacturer’s warranty.


Comprehensive Members are entitled to a 10% discount on parts and accessories priced at less than $250. A discount is only applicable for regularly priced items (not on sale) and may not be combined with any coupons or special offers.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is provided by the Better World Club and includes pickup twice per year with transportation up to 30 miles.

Loaner bike

A loaner bike or loaner part may be requested for repairs over 4 hours only if the repair has been scheduled or if the service is an emergency (i.e. a non-operational bicycle that cannot be repaired within 4 hours). A rental agreement must be signed before checking out a loaner bike or loaner part. Loaner bikes and parts must be returned within 24 hours unless an extension is granted. A rental fee will be assessed after the 24 hour loaner period of $10/hour.

Brake pad installation

An additional charge of $15 per brake set will be assessed for brake pads that are worn beyond their maximum wear point.


Tune-ups can be upgraded to E-Bike Complete Tune-Ups for $195 and Cargo Bike Complete Tune-ups for $220. A Basic Membership may be upgraded to a Comprehensive Membership within a month of purchase at no additional cost. After the first month grace period, upgrading costs $199 plus any applicable expiration fee.

Membership for retrofitted bikes

Retrofitted bikes are only eligible for Memberships if at the time of retrofit, a Complete Tune-Up is performed and all additional work that is recommended by the check-in mechanic is completed.

Bikes not Purchased at The New Wheel

Service Memberships may not be purchased for bikes that were not purchased at The New Wheel, excluding bikes that were retrofitted with a Bionx kit and meet all the additional requirements outlined above in the "Membership for Retrofitted Bikes" section.

Who Can Use a Membership

Memberships are linked to the individual member. Membership benefits may only be redeemed by the registered owner of the membership, and services may only be performed on bikes owned by the member that were purchased at The New Wheel.

Transferring a membership

Service Memberships are non-transferrable. However, a membership may be purchased by the new owner of an electric bike under these conditions: the bikes original owner must own a current membership fully paid and up-to-date and the new owner must purchase a new membership within one month of the transfer of ownership of the bike.

Additional Conditions

We reserve the right to refuse to offer a service membership to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel any service membership for any reason, the only remedy of such cancellation being the refund of the unused portion of the membership purchase price.