The Motor Systems

electric bike motor systems

The beating heart of a great electric bicycle is it's drive system. We've compiled this rundown of drive systems that The New Wheel have supported over the years.

Syno-Drive by TDCM

TDCM (Hub Motor)

Impulse (Mid-Drive)

Derby Cycles, Kalkhoff and Focus's parent company, has been hard at work for the past years optimizing the design of their flagship product: the Impulse motor system. Learning from Impulse 1.0, which was introduced in 2012 and is in active service on over 150,000 ebike around the world, Impulse 2.0 is a next generation drive that offers better performance, quieter operation and some really bright new ideas to make what was already one of the best drive systems on the market even better. In 2015, Derby Cycle's introduced the next iteration of the Impulse system, the Impulse Evo drive.


The interface for Impulse 2.0 has been completely redesigned. A new thumb controler is backlit for day and night operation. The thumb controller operates the now standard compact LCD display, which displays your battery level, speed, odometer, and trip distance. The new display is mounted to the faceplate of the stem offering great visibility. Premium and speed ebikes will include the redisgned "big LCD" display, which displays all the standard trip computer functions along with estimated battery range, energy savings and a host of customizing options.

Bosch (Mid-Drive)

Bionx (Hub-Motor)

Xion (Hub Motor)

Dapu (Hub Motor)

Bafang - 8Fun (Hub Motor)

Panasonic (Mid-Drive)