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Exclusive service options for bikes purchased at The New Wheel

Routine Maintenance

Service Plans

Why invest in a Service Plan?

- Offers peace of mind -
- Saves you money on service -
- Encourages routine maintenance, the best way to take care of a bicycle -
- Routine maintenance saves money long term on parts -
- A regularly serviced bicycle rides better and is more enjoyable -

Basic Service Plan

Basic Plan

$149 Annually

- Unlimited Tune & Adjustments
- 24/7 nationwide pickup
- Free flat repair

Full Plan Details
Comprehensive Service Plan

Comprehensive Plan

$249 Annually

- Free Basic Services
- 24/7 nationwide pickup
- Free flat repair
- Free brake pad replacement
- 1 Comprehensive Service/yr ($295+ value)
- 10% off accessories & parts*

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About Our Service Plans

Protect Your Investment

5-Year Extended Warranty

Extend your manufacturer's warranty to five years from your original date of purchase. Backed by Guardsman, The New Wheel's extended warranty allows you to protect your investment and increase your ebike's resale value.

Don't pay for warranty parts and labor

We'll take care of 100% of the cost of parts and labor for covered repairs, with no additional fees.

Covers all non-wear parts on your ebike

Covers most parts on your ebike including drivetrain, transmission, suspension, shifters, and the motor and electronics (excludes the battery and common wear parts).

Motor issues? We'll take care of it

The motor is one of the most expensive parts on your bike. Your extended warranty covers parts and labor to fix or replace the motor.

Fully transferrable if you sell your ebike

If you sell your bike, your extended warranty moves with it to the new owner, with no additional charges or restrictions. Call 1-866-493-6573 to transfer.

If there is any failure from normal wear and tear, we'll repair or replace it

If any non-wear part fails, such as the transmission or brakes, caused by a manufacturing defect or normal use, we will repair or replace it beyond your manufacturer warranty.

When something goes wrong, we're always here to help

For service or to ask a question, visit The New Wheel, call us at 415-524-7362 or email us atinfo@newwheel.net.

Extended Warranty

What's Covered

Our 5-year extended warranty plans cover all moving parts on your bike, from your motor to your spokes, and are available for purchase within 15 days of your bike purchase date.*

*See the Plan terms and conditionsfor a full explanation of the coverages, limitations, and exclusions.

Frequently Asked Questions


An extended warranty offers peace of mind and hassle-free enjoyment. Electric bikes are an expensive investment, and even one major repair can justify the cost of buying coverage.

The price of a 5-year warranty extension is set by the sale price of the electric bike that you purchase. A sales associate can advise.

No, our underwriter for our extended warranty plans, Guardsman, requires that a warranty be registered at the date of ebike purchase, within a 15-day grace period.

Yes, if on the same ticket as the bike order.

No, unfortunately only new bikes are eligible for our extended warranties.

What is Covered

Covers all non-wear parts on your ebike including drivetrain, transmission, suspension, shifters, and the motor and electronics (excluding the battery). Full plan terms and conditions can be found atkeepitrollingwarranty.com.

Just like automobile warranties, your plan will not cover abuse or crashes. Coverage does not include tires, tubes, grips, brake pads, seat fabric, batteries, wear and tear, or routine maintenance. See the plan terms and conditions atkeepitrollingwarranty.comfor a full explanation of the coverages, limitations, and exclusions.

Our extended warranties last 5-years from the date of purchase of your ebike.

The manufacturers’ warranty will always take precedence over the extended warranty.

About Extended Warranties

Guardsman is an international underwriter of extended warranty plans for items ranging from furniture to electronics that has been in business for over a century. Guardsman is now part of Amynta Group, an international insurance services business. You can learn more about Guardsman atguardsman.comand Amynta Group atamyntagroup.com. Guardsman US LLC, 4999 36th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, License No.80202 is the plan administrator and obligor except in Florida where the obligor is WCPS of Florida, Inc., 2200 Highway 121, Suite 100 Bedford, TX 76021, License No. 187; WCPS of Florida, Inc. is not affiliated with any manufacturer.

Yes! If you are not able to bring your bike to The New Wheel, simply call Guardsman toll-free at 1-877-248-7707 with Your Contract Purchase Receipt and Your Product
Purchase Receipt readily available to file a claim.

After confirmation of claim eligibility under your Plan, the Administrator will issue a claim authorization number to you along with additional information regarding how your product will be further serviced (either bringing it to a local authorized service point or receiving reimbursement for service done at any shop).

Yes! Your extended warranty may be transferred with the original bicycle, without charge to you or the new owner. Call 866-493-6573 to transfer your extended warranty coverage.

Visitkeepitrollingwarranty.comfor all terms and conditions and a full explanation of the coverages, limitations, and exclusions.

No. Your Service Plan covers maintenance of your ebike. Your Extended Warranty covers against component failures and manufacturing defects. Having both a Service Plan and an Extended Warranty ensures you are covered against wear and tear along with unforeseen problems and defects.

We can refund the prorated price of your extended warranty minus any claims made.

Yes! The New Wheel is licensed to sell extended warranties by the California Bureau of Household Goods & Services (BHGS) under license 34304, 34305, and 37177.