The Bernal Shop

A Little About Us, And What We Believe

The New Wheel was founded in 2010 by Brett Thurber and Karen Wiener out of a passion for electric bikes and what they can do. It has grown from a mobile bike shop powered by Brett after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2009, to a vibrant store on the top of Bernal Heights in San Francisco. At its core, The New Wheel has always centered on a commitment to our customers through our careful selection of technology, our top-notch service, our very high standards and our unwavering optimism for the future of transportation and electric bikes in the Bay Area.

The New Wheel is on a mission to not only change the way we get around, but to bring good things and fresh ideas into the lives of people in our community, the city we love, and California as a whole.


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Brett & Karen

We met at UC Berkeley in Robert Reich’s public policy class and we’ve been together ever since. We’re pretty sure that our compatibility can be chalked up to a common ambitiousness, our desire to go beyond the status quo, and a shared contrarian streak. Both of us have roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brett was born and raised atop a hill in San Francisco, and Karen was born in Copenhagen, but moved to Sausalito when she was young, where her family has lived since the 1940's. Our passion for ebikes can be attributed to many things, but a combination of growing up among San Francisco's legendary hills and a lasting desire to do good work for the community definitely top the list.

People of the new wheel

The New Wheel team 2015. Back row from right: Brett, Sam, Nate, Steve, and Jeremy. Front row from right: Karen, Michael, Payton, Yoselin, and Brook.