San Francisco International Airport

Bike and fly via SFO

No better way to prepare for a long flight then to ride to the airport!

How to bike to your next flight

The key is to have the right luggage, a bike route that drops you off at the terminal, and secure long term bike parking. Let's start with luggage since there's no point in biking if you can't get your bags on your bike.


When it comes to carry-ons our favorite is the Ortlieb Vario.

It is a comfy backpack that magically clicks onto the rear rack of your bicycle.

The Vario comes in four colors and has plenty of space while still fitting under your seat or overhead bin. It is waterproof so if you get stuck in a drizzle then no worries, your clothes and other travel items will stay dry.

If you need more luggage then we recommend putting your suitcase on the front rack.

If you don't have a front rack, consider getting one. They are transformational for shopping around town, grabbing carry out food, and just generally throwing random items onto your bike without hassle.

One last luggage option worth mentioning is the bungee-to-your-rear-rack method. Or perhaps better known as - where there is a will there is a way.

If you don't already have a bunch of bungees laying around then take this as a moment to purchase some. They are our favorite way to attach anything to our bikes. The only requirement is to make sure you stay within the weight limit of your rear rack.

Bike routes

The fastest route is to bike to your local BART station and then jump on an SFO bound train.

BART is bike friendly and has places on each train for you to park and sit. If your bike is heavy and requires an elevator then BART publishes an elevator size-guide so you can confirm your bike will fit.

If you prefer to ride the entire way then we recommend following our modified version of the popular SF2G Bayway route.


Follow the route above from Valencia and you will finish at SFO's long term bike parking. It is also the entrance to International Terminal G, AirTrain to the other terminals, and the BART station. Very convenient!

Long term parking

Long term bike parking is located on the ground floor of International Terminal G. There are bike racks, repair stand, and a 24/7 staffed guard.

When you arrive be sure to check-in with the guard. They will write down the make/model of your bike along with your expected return date and contact information. You are allowed to park for up to 14 days.

If you took BART then exit the train at the SFO station. Pass through the turnstiles at the end of the track into International Terminal G. Take the elevator down to the ground floor and walk outside. You will see the guard stand in front of you and bike parking to your right.

Lock your bike to the rack and enjoy your flight!

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