Cruising & Comfort

Comfort is king they say, and these electric bicycles prove the point. A comfort bike is not just easy and fun to ride, but will allow you to be comfortable all the while with plush accessories, ergonomic designs, and stable handling. Whether you are commuting to work or taking trips through the countryside on the weekends, comfort ebikes will make the journey a pleasure.

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Gazelle Medeo T9Gazelle Medeo T9
Gazelle Medeo T9
Sale price$2,799.00
Specialized ComoSpecialized Como
Specialized Como
Sale priceFrom $3,250.00
Gazelle ArroyoGazelle Arroyo
Gazelle Arroyo
Sale priceFrom $3,399.00
Gazelle UltimateGazelle Ultimate
Gazelle Ultimate
Sale priceFrom $3,799.00
Benno RemiDemiBenno RemiDemi
Benno RemiDemi
Sale priceFrom $3,899.00
Tern NBDTern NBD
Tern NBD
Sale priceFrom $3,899.00
Riese and Müller NevoRiese and Müller Nevo
Riese and Müller Nevo
Sale priceFrom $5,949.00
Riese and Müller Nevo4Riese and Müller Nevo4
Riese and Müller Nevo4
Sale priceFrom $6,159.00
Riese and Müller HomageRiese and Müller Homage
Riese and Müller Homage
Sale priceFrom $7,779.00


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Service and Support

We are dedicated to support you and your bicycle for years to come with exceptional service. Our job is to keep you on the road and we hold that responsibility close to our heart.


Your new electric bike comes standard with 6 months of complimentary service. To help ensure that your bicycle works great over its lifetime, we'll include a useful service schedule and can even send you handy reminder emails.