Electric BIke Security (3 steps)

Step One

Invest in a High Quality Lock

Keeping your electric bike secure is entirely within your control, but the most important thing is knowing which locks offer maximum security, and using a combination of locks that will deter a thief.

We recommend investing in both a Hexlox security system for your components and an Abus lock to lock your frame to an immovable object.

You can also add a Scout tracker and alarm for added security!

Step Two

Lock Smart

1. Never lock with just a cable. Cables can be cut with ease.
2. Lock your bike in a high visibility area, not in a dark alley.
3. Bring it inside. Never leave your bike locked up on the street overnight.
4. Take extra precautions if you lock in the same visible place everyday - i.e. outside your work. Thieves will notice and hatch a plan. Invest in the best locks, and double up on locks where possible.
5. Lock up at home, even in your garage.

Step Three

Get Insurance

Insurance is the best way to protect your investment and put your mind at ease.

You may find that your homeowners or renters insurance policy will cover your electric bicycle - make sure you check with them first. Different providers have different policies around electric bikes.

If you would prefer to have a standalone policy to cover your bike that will not impact your homeowners or renters policies, consider two private insurers who specialize in dedicated bike policies. We have partnered with Oyster to provide a tailored insurance option for ebike riders.


Cameras won't stop a thief, but might help you recover your ebike. Security cameras can provide valuable evidence to the police that may aid with the recovery of your ebike, and conviction of a thief. Below are some ideas - you may have some solutions of your own you might wish to share with our team

Nest and Arlo have some great options in varying price points. Nest ranges in price from $129 to $399, Arlo from $129 to over $1,000.

Univivi Infrared Illuminator. Adding this to any camera will greatly improve the night vision/low light quality.• Smart doorbells, depending on their angle and location relative to the garage, may give a different viewpoint.

Camera floodlight. Arlo makes an all-in-one option- camera, floodlight, siren (can be remotely triggered).

Some of our bikes include a GPS unit. Ask a sales specialist for more information on this feature.

We also offer the Scout tracker and alarm that, while not GPS, is equipped with Apple's Find My technology that works extremely well.

There are third-party GPS systems that can be installed on your bike such as Boomerang- Version 2 is $125 for 1 bike or $198 for 2 bikes.

Keep in mind that GPS does not keep your bike safe, it only can help in recovery. There is no replacement for a good lock and insurance.

Garages are where most bikes get stolen because unfortunately most garages are very insecure. Think about increasing the security of your garage by locking your garage and removing windows that can be broken into. Speak to a local garage installer about an audit of your garage to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest security features.

Step 1: File a police report with your local police department.

Step 2: Register your bike as stolen at bikeindex.com

Step 3: Look for cameras near where bike was stolen. Often times, buildings will have cameras facing the street. Contact the building owner to recover tapes to share with law enforcement.

Step 4: Post a stolen bike ad on craigslist. Post the bike as “Stolen” in bikes section of Craigslist. If you receive a tip or info, contact the police. Do not attempt to recover bike on your own. You can use ifttt.com to create an alert.

Step 5: File an insurance claim. If you have a policy, file a claim with your renters or homeowner’s insurance company. Sometimes bike theft is covered.

Step 6: Scout flea markets for your stolen bike. Some people have reported finding their bikes at flea markets in San Jose (Wed, Fri); Oakland Coliseum (Sat); Laney College (Sun). If you do spot your bike, call the local police immediately and ask them to assist in your recovery.