Blossom and Andrew at Ocean Beach with their electric bikes

Meet Blossom and Andrew

“I’d been riding a bike in San Francisco for 15 years, and only once had I even tried to get up [Twin Peaks]; but there I was cruising up on...
Meet Julie

Meet Julie

“An ebike was life-changing. I tend to be more of a home-body, but this lets me explore the city in a way I never would have without it."
Ivan in the Marin headlands with family and electric cargo bike

Meet Ivan

"With this bike, I can take my kids to the top of the hill with no problem."
Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila

"I think about my cameras, and I really love my cameras. I used to prize them above all else. Now I think I prize my bike above all else. That’s...
Amy riding an electric bicycle


"Nobody buys a car so that they can crawl at 10-15 miles an hour."