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Two unique programs to ensure you always have the right bicycle: Bicycle & Electric Bicycle Trade-In Program and our Up-Cycle Kids Bike Trade-Up Program.

Trading in a bicycle for an electric bicycle


  1. Bring in your clean, operational bicycle for a valuation.
  2. In most cases, we will offer you an instant trade-in offer.
  3. Apply your trade-in credit towards a new electric bike.

Use Upway and Bicycle Blue Book to estimate the trade in value of your bike.

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Learn About

Bicycle Trade-Ins

Woom Kids Bikes

Up-Cycle Bike Program

Helping your kids grow with a Woom from The New Wheel: Get 30% back on their old bike!

Simply bring your child's Woom in within 2 years of purchase and apply your credit towards the next size Woom.


Electric Bike Trade-In

Most two-wheel electric bikes are eligible but you can always check on Upway.com.

We cannot accept trade-ins of bicycles or electric bicycles wider than 10" or longer than 85" (i.e. tandems or tricycles).

If you are unsure of your bicycles eligibility, please reach out!

Electric Bikes

We can get you an estimate over the phone or by email for electric bikes if we have the make, model, style of bike (cargo, speed, mountain etc), original purchase price and model year.

Non-Electric Bikes

You can get an estimate at bicyclebluebook.com but for a confirmed estimate you'll need to bring your bicycle in for an inspection.

As long as we have all the items needed from your trade-in bicycle or electric bicycle (charger, keys and any accessories you'd like to trade-in as well) we can apply the credit directly to your new bike.

We work with Upway for all of our electric bike trade-ins. Upway provides instant valuations and we send your bike to them once the trade-in is confirmed.

We work with Bicycle Blue Book for all non-electric bicycle trade-ins.

The condition of your bicycle will impact valuation.

Any bike where the components are damaged or compromised in any way that impacts safety cannot be considered for trade-in until the issues are remedied.

Kids Bike Up-Cycle Program

Buy any Woom kids bicycle from The New Wheel and you are automatically eligible for our Up-Cycle program.

Once your child is ready for a new size, bring in your Woom and we will give you a 30% credit towards a new Woom.

No. Our Up-Cycle program is designed to help your child upgrade to a Woom in the next size up so the credit can only be applied to a larger size Woom.

You have 2 years from the date of purchase to trade-in your Woom towards a larger size bike.

No. If your child skips a size that is OK! That being said, you must use your credit towards a larger size; you can't apply it towards a smaller bike.

Woom bikes must be in good riding condition to qualify for trade-in. Any service or parts to bring your trade-in Woom to sellable riding conditions will be charged for at our standard rates.

We cannot accept any Woom bike where the frame or fork is damaged or compromised in any way.