Richmond San Rafael Bridge Bicycle Ride

Marin Ride Across the Bridge

An easy, beautiful ride across the Richmond Bridge, with a refreshment stop in Point Richmond.
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This ride from the Marin shop is a beautiful journey across the San Rafael - Richmond Bridge, down along the Bay trail to a cafe in Richmond and that back to the shop!

All bicycles welcome but many of us will be cruising on ebikes. If you'd like to try out an ebike, send us an email at least the day before and we can work to arrange it!

Text RIDELL to our phone number, 415-524-7362, to get a text reminder the day before!

The starting point is The New Wheel Marin shop in Larkspur Landing next to the ferry building. We will head east on the bike path on Sir Francis Drake Blvd and then on across the Richmond - San Rafael Bridge on the protected bike lane. The views are spectacular! Once on the other side, we'll drop down to the Miller / Knox Regional Shoreline park and end at a cafe in Point Richmond. After some refreshments we'll head back across the bridge to the shop.

This is an easy, relatively flat ride and suitable for all abilities.  

Click route below and download it to your favorite device or Bosch console!

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