Introducing Woom & Up-Cycle

Introducing Woom & Up-Cycle

Introducing Woom kids bikes and our Up-Cycle children's bike trade-in program. Now available at all of our shop locations.

Lets Go Woom

We are excited to announce that The New Wheel is now stocking Woom childrens bikes at all of our locations. Woom builds quality, lightweight bikes for the young ones in your life, perfect to help them discover the joy of cycling.

Woom 1 Kids BikeWoom 2 Kids Bike

Up-Cycle Program

Today we are also introducing our new Up-Cycle program. Buy any Woom children's bike at The New Wheel and when your child is ready for their next bike, bring it back and you'll get 30% of your original Woom purchase price towards the size up. Some terms and conditions apply and you can read all about them on our Up-Cycle Program Page.


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