Utility Bikes That Look Great

Benno have created a new ebike category - an awesome ride with the ability to carry significant loads.

With Benno you look good, have fun, and carry the kid (or dog or groceries or anything else!)



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Benno RemiDemi | RemiDemi | Bosch, cruising and comfort, marketing page | Benno
Benno RemiDemi
Sale priceFrom $3,499.00
Benno Boost | Boost | Bosch, kids and cargo, marketing page | Benno
Benno Boost
Sale priceFrom $4,199.00
Benno RemiDemi XL | RemiDemi XL | Bosch, Current model year, kids and cargo, marketing page, preorder | Benno
Benno RemiDemi XL
Sale priceFrom $4,599.00

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Service and Support

We are dedicated to support you and your bike for years to come with exceptional service. Our job is to keep you on the road and we hold that responsibility close to our heart.


Your new electric bike comes standard with 6 months of complimentary service. To help ensure that your bicycle works great over its lifetime, we'll include a useful service schedule and can even send you handy reminder emails.