Bike & Hike in Marin

Bike & Hike in Marin

Weekend day ride and hike in Muir Woods.
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A secret passage to Muir Woods avoiding traffic and tolls. That's what's on offer in this Ride Guide. There are a couple of ways to get to the trailhead: you can either go the backroads, low-car route with some gravel fire road riding (Trail Route below) or take a road only route through Mill Valley (Road Route below). Once you arrive at the campground, we've got another hike loop for you through Muir Woods and back to your bikes!

Trail Route

The route starts in Sausalito and along the beautiful Sausalito-Mill Valley bike path. Cut off at Tam Junction towards Tennessee valley. You can take a stop and pickup provisions at Ceceilia's Gardens Fruit Stand

The route gets very steep coming out of Tennessee valley towards Miwok trail. Be ready to climb up very steep grades with loose gravel beneath you. There are also some tricky down sections with loose gravel. But with a good e-bike and good riding skills this route is very easy as you'll be riding on wide fire roads. There are beautiful panoramic views of the bay, ocean and the San Francisco skyline. 

You'll meet up with Highway 1 and follow it up the hill until you meet Panoramic Highway. You'll be riding with traffic a bit with a slim shoulder until you reach the road cutoff down to Alice Eastwood Camp. Once you're on your way down towards the camp, there are basically no cars (only cars with reservations for the campground are permitted). 

You can park your bikes at the Campground and meet up with the Fern Creek Trail which takes you to Muir Woods (see the Hike route below). You can't take your bicycles from the campground through the park (so no round trip back up via Muir Beach).

Bike parking at Alice Eastwood Campground

Alternatively, you could take Muir Woods Road to the front entrance of the park. If you go this route, after a stroll through the park you can head to Muir Beach or the Pelican Inn for lunch. 

In our case, after the hike we headed back up to Panoramic and had a scenic lunch at Mountain Home Inn.

Lunch stop at Mountain Home Inn

Road Route

Riding from Sausalito you will meet up with the Mill Valley - Sausalito bike path. In Mill Valley, you'll make your way up to Panoramic via Edgewood Avenue. Once you reach Panoramic, follow the route guide above!

The Hike

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