Oakland Shop Road Ride

Oakland Shop Road Ride

Beautiful 15 mile ride from the Oakland shop to Coffee via Redwoods Regional Park.
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This ride from the Oakland shop is a beautiful journey through Redwood Regional Park ending at Highwire Coffee Roasters in Montclair.

We'll meet at the shop at 7:45am and head out at 8am. We'll plan to be in Montclair at around 9:30am. This is a no-drop ride. All bicycles welcome but many of us will be cruising on ebikes.

Text RIDEOK to our phone number, 415-524-7362, to get a text reminder the day before!

A perfect ride to begin the day. Have fun, admire the view and finish with a tasteful cup of coffee. It takes just the right amount of time allowing you to enjoy a morning activity before work.

The starting point is The New Wheel Oakland shop in the hills of the East Bay. Very quickly the ride will take you over the hill, up and down windy roads and finishes in Montclair. On the way there will be a few inspiration points, views of beautiful Oakland neighborhoods, majestic redwood trees, and a remote post office. There will be constant rolling hills and very few cars. On an e-bike the ride does not feel difficult and takes just about an hour. 

Click route below and download it to your favorite device or Bosch console!

Begin from the shop and go up Leimert Blvd. which is windy and meanders through the peaceful Oakmore neighborhood. At the top turn right along the highway to catch a glimpse of the Mormon Temple that overlooks the bay. Cross over highway 13 and immediately turn right onto a short path. This is the beginning of the section known as “Butters”. At every intersection go straight which will lead you to Skyline Blvd. Don’t forget to stop a couple of times to admire the view at different lookout points. Cross Skyline Blvd. down on Redwood Rd. This section will take you smoothly down through redwood trees. It will feel very peaceful. Follow the road for some time and turn left at the first intersection on Pinehurst Rd. This road goes up and down and is very windy. It’s the most fun part of the ride. Look up to get a glimpse of the Upper San Leandro Reservoir and Moraga in the distance.

At the bottom of the windy road keep left at the fork staying on Pinehurst Rd. This section goes again through redwoods and passes by a tiny post office and a peaceful stream. After the meandering climb you will be back on Skyline Blvd.

Cross Skyline Blvd and go down Shepherd’s Canyon Road. While you are descending, keep an eye out for a bike trail on the right, it begins at the corner with Satori Drive. This is an old railroad trail that leads you straight to a favorite coffee shop.

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