2024 Riese & Müller Model Line

2024 Riese & Müller Model Line

Exciting updates and new product for model year 2024
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Standout 2024

For 2024, Riese & Müller has refreshed nearly their entire line-up, bringing not just the latest technology to their class leading line of vehicular quality bikes, but also new approaches to environmental sourcing and production that set them far apart from any other brand. Below is a rundown of what's new and exciting in the land of R&M. 

It Starts With How Ebikes Are Made

The way Riese & Müller builds bikes is what has consistently allowed them to be on the cutting edge. Just-in-time small batch production, combined with German manufacturing and European sourcing, means that R&M is first with the latest technology. 

For 2024, sustainability continues to be a central focus. Riese & Müller's third Responsibility Report—featuring an interview with The New Wheel's Karen Wiener, no less!—is a deep dive and analysis of how R&M is working to be the most sustainable bicycle manufacturer in the world. 

Riese & Muller Responsibility Report

Highlights include reduced transportation CO2 through localizing supply chains, increased use of recycled materials—including 50% recycled aluminum frames for the new Culture ebike (see below), reduced waste and packaging, and supplier audits to ensure good conditions across the supply chain.

New Model: Meet the Culture

We are extremely excited to introduce the Culture to the San Francisco Bay Area—video review coming soon. This lightweight urban ebike is built to the highest standards with Bosch's new SX drive system. The geometry of the Culture offers fun, playful handling while being upright and comfortable. The frame is made in Europe with 50% recycled aluminum, is available in low-step or top-bar versions, and comes in a number of elegant colors. You can configure your Culture to be perfect for you and we will help! 

Riese & Muller Culture

We hope to have the first few demo models arriving by end of the month.

Model Updates

Nearly the whole lineup is getting some exciting updates. Standouts include the new Load4, which is now available with more options including dual battery, Rohloff, and ABS, and the Delite4, which now offers increased battery capacity and the ability to add a PowerMore battery pack. Read on for more information about these options.

Riese & Muller Load4 PeanutRiese & Muller Delite4 GX

The Latest Technology

Riese & Müller's 2024 model line is powered by state-of-the-art electric drive systems from Bosch, providing unmatched performance, range, and features. The latest Bosch technology can be found first on a Riese & Müller.

Purion 200 & Kiox 500 Displays

Configure your Riese & Müller with the latest displays from Bosch and connect your bike to your phone via the Bosch Flow App. The Purion 200 display is an ultra-compact yet useful all-in-one display, offering key information in a small footprint on the left of your handlebar. The Kiox 500 is on the other end of the spectrum, offering a large customizable display that can easily be removed from the bike to lock and arm the anti-theft system. See turn-by-turn navigation, fitness and activity tracking information, and trip stats.

Bosch Purion 200Bosch Kiox 500  

ABS 2.0 Braking System

An Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is the standard in cars and is now available on your ebike, offering increased safety for you and your passengers. Bosch ABS ensures your tire traction on the road is maintained, no matter the terrain or how you apply the brakes. Each ABS system fitted on an R&M has customized modes to match the style of bike—meaning your braking system is tuned exactly for your bike.  

SX Lightweight Motor

The new Culture is the first bike available in the North America with Bosch's new SX motor system. This new motor is designed to not just be super lightweight, but also have plenty of power for the steepest hills. 

PowerMore Auxiliary Battery Pack

Want even more range for an extended trip? The new 250Wh PowerMore snaps onto the frame to extend your range. Your new R&M can be configured from the factory with a PowerMore pack, or it can be added in the future.  

Bosch PowerMore 250 Battery

GPS Anti-Theft System

Bosch's GPS anti-theft systems are now an optional add-on for Riese & Müller ebikes. With the addition of the small GPS and Cellular module, your R&M gains an audible alarm and tracking system that is completely integrated into the bike and hidden from view.

Dual Battery System

Dual batteries allow you to ride farther, see more, and charge less. Configure select models with up to 1450Wh of power. 

Electronic Shifting

E-Shift on select models gives you simple, reliable shifting and automatic downshifting.

Intelligent Design and Customization

Riese & Müller understands that every rider is unique, which is why their 2024 model line offers a high level of customization. From frame size and color to components and accessories, you can personalize your electric bike to suit your preferences and needs. All together, there are over 140,000 different Riese & Müller configurations but there is only one perfect R&M for you! All bikes are built by hand in Mühtal outside of Frankfurt, Germany. 

Riese & Muller Factory

Exceptional Quality and Durability

Riese & Müller is known for their commitment to quality and durability. These bikes are built to last, with robust frames and components that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Whether you're riding on paved roads or rough trails, you can trust that your Riese & Müller electric bike will deliver exceptional performance for years to come.

The Future of Sustainable Transportation

Riese & Müller's 2024 model line of electric bikes represents the future of sustainable transportation. From their performance, intelligent design and cutting-edge technology to the way in which they are produced, these bikes are setting new standards in the industry. 

Demo models are available in all of our stores and our team is ready to help you find your dream bike, so drop in for a test ride or click here to schedule a time.

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