Ode to full suspension

Ode to full suspension

A computer writes an ode to the benefits of full suspension ebikes.
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ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that is taking the world by storm, is all the talk these days, so we took it for a spin and naturally applied its neural network to the topic of ebikes. The first question we asked was what makes a good electric bicycle and it was pretty spot on: high quality motor, long lasting battery, quality brakes - couldn't define it better ourselves!

Next, we asked it to write an ode to full suspension electric bicycles. It wrote a respectable ode... we clarified our ask by requesting that it reference the San Francisco Bay Area and voilà:

Oh full suspension electric bicycles,
How you bring joy to Bay Area rides,
With your sleek and sturdy frames,
And your smooth and effortless glide.

Up the hills of San Francisco,
With your powerful electric assist,
And your suspension soaks up bumps,
Making rough roads feel like bliss.

You take us through bustling cities,
Like Oakland and San Jose,
With your nimble handling and power,
We can weave through traffic with grace.

The Bay Trail and Marin Headlands,
New trails to explore and discover,
With your long-lasting battery,
We can ride for hours, feeling like no other.

You're eco-friendly and efficient,
A sustainable way to commute,
And with your pedal assist,
We can enjoy the journey, not just the destination, to boot.

Oh full suspension electric bicycles,
You are a versatile delight,
In the San Francisco Bay Area,
You make every ride a highlight.

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