One car challenge 🚗 👉 🚲

One car challenge 🚗 👉 🚲

Take the challenge and trade-in your car
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Do you or someone you know have more than one car in the family? Would a little nudge help to trade it in for an ebike? We'd love to help!

Here's our thought: You, a friend or a loved one with more car than wanted or needed fill out this form expressing a desire to join in our challenge. We provide:

1. A Tern ebike for a week
2. A one-on-one consultation session with a pro from one of our shops who can help you plan your ebikelife

Next steps are:
3. You ride for a week and love it (we know you'll love it)
4. When ready, trade in your car. You send us a photo of you trading in your car and not only will you save a ton of money each month on payments, insurance etc but we'll reward you with a $250 gift card so you can get setup right with all the best accessories from the shop. All you need to do is send us a photo of you handing off your car.

What do you think? Ready to take the challenge? Fill out the form and lets get rolling!

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