Poetry on Two Wheels

Poetry on Two Wheels

Brett & Karen review the brand new Tern NBD.
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Why is Tern so good at coming up with new bike designs that are novel and smart? That's the question we pondered over breakfast a few weeks back, before we were set to start shooting the review of the new Tern NBD. Maybe, we thought, the fact that Tern commits to a very particular thing - 20-inch wheels - gives them secret super powers. Maybe creativity flows from staying focused and sticking to a particular form. And, next thing we knew, we were writing Haikus - watch the video to the end and enjoy all three! 

One thing we really wanted to avoid is type casting the NBD. Yes, this bike is ideal for older riders who need something that is easy to get on and off, is lightweight and low-maintenance. But, don't those features sound appealing to just about everyone? We think so. Come in and test ride!

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