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Good Service

We're updating how we do service. Book your appointment and take it for a spin!
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Behind the scenes for the past 3 years we've been undertaking a massive project to implement what's called an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software). The project has been way more massive than we anticipated 😬. The goal was to create a highly customizable backend computer system that would allow us to do a fantastic job far into the future. 

One of the big focuses of this effort has been a custom process for how service happens at The New Wheel. Here is how it works: The moment you pick up your new ebike, a record is made for your bike - we create a record manually if you just come in for service but didn't buy from us. This record stores all the specifications of your ebike, your service history, warranty, service plan and more. Each time you come in the system creates a ~70-point inspection checklist for your bike that our service writers use to ensure they thoroughly review it's condition. Once complete, a service package is suggested based on what is needed on your bike based on what was inspected (this is important as it means that each service is tailored to what is going to solve problems and bring results). We recommend the service package and budget that is going to offer the best value and ensure we can get your bike into great shape. From this starting point we can adjust things to meet your needs and budget. You even get a copy of your inspection so you know exactly the condition of your bike when it came in for service. 

The tool is live. Want to take it out for a spin? Good news is our capacity is really good this time of year. Book Service and we'll see you and your bike at the shop!

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