Ride Across America

Ride Across America

A 3,400 mile ebike journey for the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy
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Friend of New Wheel Rides Across America

There are plenty of great reasons to ride an e-bike, but for Gregory Maassen, Ph.D., who is on a 3,400-mile ride across the country, it started as a way to manage his symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, a painful condition that affects 30 million people in the U.S. alone, including Tom Brokaw, Alan Jackson, George Lopez and many others.

Gregory is riding along the historic Lincoln Highway, a new transcontinental route he developed. I looked up his real time location and as I write this he is in Park City, UT having started in Washington DC on April 2nd.

Gregory's route from Washington DC to San Francisco via the old Lincoln Highway

The Riese & Müller Supercharger is Gregory's vehicle for his four month journey. Notable accessories include a seat post suspension and anti-vibration stem for his handle bars to take bumps out of the road. He also has everyday essentials like a front basket, snack bag, and high quality cell phone holder.

Gregory's bike outfitted with a wide range of accessories

Gregory is raising money for the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy. His suggested giving is one cent per mile, which is only $34. Make a donation here.

If you want to ride with Gregory over the Golden Gate Bridge you can join him as he completes his 3,400 mile journey. It will likely be in August and we will let you know as he gets closer.

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