Ride to school with us

Ride to school with us

Take a virtual test ride on the Multitinker in this latest ebike review from The New Wheel.


Practicality and having fun are two reasons why we love ebikes - call us boring, but we think they kind of reinforce one another. When you apply practicality and fun to making videos, you get our newest video review of the phenomenal Riese & Müller Multitinker. We wanted to show what this bike can do in its natural setting, so we invited our friend and video guy Mark Kohr to tag along on a day-in-the-life of two parents and a precocious kindergartener. From morning coffee and toast, to boost hubs and Bosch smart system, to laughter and tears, to more coffee at our favorite SF cafe, this video has it all. We hope you will enjoy it!

There are so many things to be fond of on the Multitinker, but there are two key things that make it truly exceptional. The first thing is its adjustability. The Multitinker is going to be a real hit with families that have riders of very different heights because the cockpit not only can go up and down, but also fore and aft. And the adjustments are not minor at all: in fact, there are a total of 15 different handlebar positions. This allows for a truly comfortable, confidence-inspiring, and "correct" handlebar position for riders from Karen (4'11") to Brett (6'3") and beyond!

The second key feature of the Multitinker is balance and stability. The Multitinker is solid and safe on the road because it has a relatively low weight (for a cargo bike) distributed nicely front to back. Like other quality cargo bikes, the Multitinker utilizes boost front hub spacing with a thru-axle, which means that the front hub is wider and more secure than what was once "typical." This technology originally came from mountain bikes, and is also perfect for cargo bikes where safety and stability are so important. On the Multitinker, this boost front hub is another subtle feature that will make you say, "oh wow, this is way nicer than I expected," when you get on it and ride it.

Once all the inspiration soaks in and you are ready to come visit us, you will find Multitinker test bikes ready for you to try in our OaklandSan Francisco, and Marin stores. 

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