Tern Quick Haul Long

Tern Quick Haul Long

A new cargo bike from Tern offering performance, utility and value
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First, Some History

Many years ago (way back in 2017), in the desert outside of Las Vegas, we met the category defining Tern GSD for the first time. It was compact, accessible, purpose built, and high performing. And it was all of these things at a fantastic price point. We knew it was going to be the beginning of a new era for cargo bikes, and so many riders decisions have proved our initial instinct.

The original Tern GSD at Interbike in Las Vegas
The New Wheel team with the first Tern GSD in 2017

Through the years, Tern has lead the way in the cargo bike world, refining the GSD, expanding the line-up (hello HSD!), and, most importantly of all, adding accessories; over 40+ accessories and counting that allow us to customize every Tern to the unique needs of each rider and family.

New Bike Day

The Quick Haul Long takes us back to those early days, offering high performance, multi-passenger hauling capacity at an accessible price; less than when the GSD launched all those years ago. What is truly exciting about the Quick Haul Long is that Tern has managed to deliver this bike without compromising: it’s got a top-shelf, UL certified Bosch Cargo Line drive, best of class Schwalbe Pick-Up tires, high performance integrated lighting, a purpose-built drivetrain and so much more.

Every accessory available for the GSD is fully compatible with the Quick Haul Long, allowing you to make it fit your lifestyle now and in the future. What’s more, the Quick Haul Long has a new accessory, an awesome mid-mounted frame bag and the ability to add the innovative Stow Decks found on the newly released Orox, perfect for foot mounts and carrying bulky loads.

Built Right

As with all Terns, the Quick Haul Long will not just fit your whole household, it will fit them well, thanks to a fully adjustable handlebar and well-designed ergonomics. The low-step frame and 20” tires make for a very easy to ride, stable bike, even with heavy loads (up to 198 lbs on the rear rack and 419 lbs total).

To make the point that this bike offers serious utility and is not just another cookie-cutter cargo bike, Tern has independently certified the Quick Haul Long to the rigorous German cargo bike standard DIN 79010. These independent tests not only ensure that cargo bikes can handle heavy loads, but that they are safe under load. In addition to DIN 79010, the Quick Haul Long is fully UL 2849 certified thanks to its Bosch drive system.

When you put all of it together, the Quick Haul Long is a bike that is premium without breaking the bank. While it doesn’t hit the low prices of some models that you can find online, you can feel confident knowing that with a Tern you get quality, local service and support, a strong warranty, a fully tested and certified vehicle, and a company that truly cares.

GSD vs Quick Haul Long

One very important question is how to choose between a GSD and the Quick Haul Long. One important point is that you don’t have to choose based on performance: both bikes will climb up a wall thanks to their Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motors. The key difference will be in some key features such as suspension, lighting system, battery capacity, and transmission options. We have a handy chart below that you can use to help make a choice, and by all means, talk to our team and take a test ride.

Features Tern GSD Tern Quick Haul Long
Motor System Bosch Cargo Line Bosch Cargo Line
Battery Dual Battery Compatible Single Battery
Lighting System Brake Lights w/ Optional High Beam Basic Lighting System
Handlebar Adjustability Height Adjustment + Folding Height Adjustment
Kickstand Locking Atlas Kickstand Standard Atlas Kickstand
Braking System Magura 4-Piston Tektron 2-Piston
Transmission Derailleur or Belt Derailleur Only
Max Weight 440 lb 419 lb


The Quick Haul Long will be available in early August. We hope to have demo models for you to test ride in mid-July. Pre-orders start now!

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