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Tern VektronTern Vektron
Tern Vektron
Sale price$4,199.00
Gazelle Medeo T10
Gazelle Medeo T10
Sale priceFrom $3,299.00
Stromer ST3 PinionStromer ST3 Pinion
Stromer ST3 Pinion
Sale priceFrom $8,800.00
Riese and Müller RoadsterRiese and Müller Roadster
Riese and Müller Roadster
Sale priceFrom $5,669.00
Riese and Müller TinkerRiese and Müller Tinker
Riese and Müller Tinker
Sale price$5,779.00
Gazelle Ultimate+Gazelle Ultimate+
Gazelle Ultimate+
Sale priceFrom $3,999.00
Stromer ST7Stromer ST7
Stromer ST7
Sale priceFrom $13,400.00
Benno eScoutBenno eScout
Benno eScout
Sale price$3,799.00 Regular price$4,199.00
Riese and Müller Roadster MixteRiese and Müller Roadster Mixte
Riese and Müller Roadster Mixte
Sale priceFrom $5,669.00
Specialized Vado SLSpecialized Vado SL
Specialized Vado SL
Sale priceFrom $3,750.00
Specialized VadoSpecialized Vado
Specialized Vado
Sale priceFrom $3,250.00
Stromer ST3Stromer ST3
Stromer ST3
Sale priceFrom $7,700.00
Stromer ST5Stromer ST5
Stromer ST5
Sale priceFrom $11,098.00
Stromer ST1Stromer ST1
Stromer ST1
Sale priceFrom $4,199.00


Your new electric bike comes standard with 6 months of complimentary service. To help ensure that your bicycle works great over its lifetime, we'll include a useful service schedule and can even send you handy reminder emails.