Ebike insurance

We've partnered with Oyster to provide the best coverage for your bicycle with a seamless, modern experience end-to-end, from checkout to claim settlement.

Base Coverage

Covers Your Ebike

Bikes and eBikes (class 1, 2, and 3) are fully covered on this policy.

Full Value Coverage

Your bike is covered for its full replacement value.


Your bike is covered if it is stolen from or away from home.

Damage or loss in transit

Your bike is covered if it is lost or damaged in transit by third parties.

Crash Damage

Your bike is covered if it is damaged in an accident or crash.

Spare Parts & Apparel

Spare parts and cycle apparel are also covered from theft and damage.


Medical Payments

Oyster will cover your medical bills up to the coverage limit if you're hurt while riding your bike.

Liability Protection

Oyster will protect you from being personally liable up to the coverage limit for any injury or damage you may cause while riding your bike.

Worldwide Coverage

Oyster will cover your bike wherever in the world you travel with it.