The Shimano Ebike SYSTEM

Shimano Motors

Shimano's e-bike systems have been carefully crafted over a century of successful technology-driven innovations. Over the past 100 years, Shiamano has changed the face of cycling and the cycling industry, starting in 1921 when the 26-year-old Shozaburo Shimano introduced the freewheel. Shimano has enriched the lives of commuters, leisure cyclists and off-road riders. Now they have put all of their expertise into one of the most innovative e-bike systems available today.

Shimano STEPS

Shimano STEPS ep8

For a more natural riding experience, the SHIMANO STEPS EP800 drive unit allows riders to focus on the trail and enjoy the ride. The quiet and compact motor reduces pedaling drag and provides 20% more cruising range. Compatible with a wide range of mechanical and DI2 shift options, the EP800 drive unit offers up to an 85N·m output for light and refined pedal assist feel.

Shimano Batteries

SHIMANO STEPS batteries keep a greater charge for longer - retaining as much as 60% of max capacity after a 1,000 charges. This yields years of reliable battery capacity for the average rider.

Internal Battery 500Wh BT-E8035

Much like other SHIMANO STEPS batteries, the new BT-E8035-L offer an extremely long lifetime. Even after 1000 full charge cycles (which would take 19 years of once a week charges to reach!) the new batteries will still hold 60% of their capacity. This means you can focus on the trail rather than on your battery indicator.

Shimano Display

View all of your ride settings and color coordinated levels of assist via a 1.6 (inch) LCD screen for easy on-trail reference. Integrated on the handle bar next to the stem maintaining a clean tight astethic and protects the display from impacts.

Steps em8000 Display

Compact and low profile for eMTB riding, the Shimano STEPS SC-EM800 wireless cycle computer shows the various functions of the Shimano STEPS E-Bike system and can be customized through the E-TUBE Project application.