Early 2024 Ebike Launches

Early 2024 Ebike Launches

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2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for new electric bikes from the leading manufacturers. Below is a rundown of key launch and availability dates for some important new models from our brands.


Gazelle is launching the brand new Eclipse line in the United States in the first half of 2024. We've had the opportunity to do a brief test ride and are planning to do more extensive test riding in the month ahead. 

Model Launch Test Ride Notes
Gazelle Eclipse ~ March 1, 2024 ~ March 1, 2024



The Wild is a crazy cool e-mtb from Orbea that was hard to get last year. Carbon models will likely sell out this year (especially after Pinkbike named the Wild e-bike of the year). We have a good selection either in-stock or incoming.

The Kemen SUV came out last year, but this year it is available as a speed bike (28mph) and at a very compelling price. Looking for a do everything, go anywhere ebike at a great price? Our demo bikes have just arrived!

Model Launch Test Ride Notes
Orbea Kemen SUV Available Now Size runs are in-stock
Orbea Wild 2024 Available February We have sizes in stock and more arriving weekly. Special versions available including M-Team and M-LTD (with Bosch Race Motor).


Riese & Müller

Our demo fleet is being fully refreshed for 2024 with line updates and one entirely new model (looking at you Culture). Demos and stock bikes are rolling in weekly so feel free to check in if you are excited about a particular model. Below is a highlight list of some of the most significant updates and new models.

Model Launch Test Ride Notes
R&M Culture & Culture Mixte Available Available in Marin & San Francisco More demos and stock bikes arriving in February
R&M Delite4 Available January
R&M Load4 Available Available We just received our first batch of Load4 75s in both colors. Bikes in stock and ready to ride!
R&M Nevo4 Available Available
R&M Packster2 Available Available in SF
R&M Transporter2 Available Available in Oakland


The Stromer line once again gets an update with Pinion; super cool. Demo bikes are arriving shortly and a launch party is in the works. Stay tuned!

Model Launch Test Ride Notes
Stromer ST5 Pinion February, 2024 February, 2024

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