Orbea Wild: eMTB of the Year

Orbea Wild: eMTB of the Year

The Orbea Wild is the electric mountain bike of the year, and we have them in-stock and ready to ride.
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From time-to-time an ebike comes along that gets everything right: the components, the technology, and most importantly, the performance. For 2024, that bike is the Orbea Wild. It's so good, that PinkbikeThe Loam WolfE-Mountainbike Magazine, and Bike Radar all named it eMTB of the Year. Quite the accolades.

Powered by Bosch

The Wild is fitted with the Bosch Performance Line CX or limited edition Performance Line CX Race motor system (exclusive for the M-LTD) providing up to 85Nm of torque and 400% of your pedal input. This is all managed by Bosch's new Smart System platform which brings a next level of integration and connectivity. What you also get with Bosch is the most dependable drive system on the market; the perfect companion for your epic rides.

Sleek and Expandable

The Wild now features a built in battery of 625Wh or 750Wh (and further expandable with Bosch's new PowerMore range extender battery pack) with the new Secure Battery System (SBS). This allows for an uncompromised frame design which is simpler, stronger and lighter. The bike is further enhanced with the Sealed, Internal Cables system (SIC) which neatly tucks cables and hoses under the handlebar, and along the best path through the headset, cleaning up the cockpit aesthetics. The cockpit is cleaned up additionally with help from the Bosch Smart system thanks to the new System Controller and Mini Remote providing a clean, minimal, screen free experience, but pair the system with the Bosch eBike Flow app on your smartphone or add a Bosch Kiox display for ride tracking and data galore!

Race Proven

The Wild has been developed with feedback from Orbea's back to back champion E-EDR World Cup team. Choose the Orbea Wild M-LTD for the top-of-the-line experience and the Bosch Race motor developed to win races.

Design Your Ride

Make your Wild one-of-a-kind with Orbea's MyO configurator, which enables you to personalise every colour and component choice. Each Orbea is built by hand in the Basque region of Spain.

Customize your Orbea Wild Myo Bike


So here is the good news. Get ready to ride something truly exciting this season: We've got the new Wild in-stock and ready to build for you. In addition to our in-stock bikes, we also have incoming MyO fully paint customizable bikes coming in ready to reserve.

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