Stromer ST5 Pinion Launch

Stromer ST5 Pinion Launch

A very special launch event for the Swiss made Stromer ST5 Pinion

We are holding a very special launch event of the new Stromer ST5 Pinion on Saturday, February 10, 2024 at The New Wheel Marin in Larkspur Landing. 

11am - 4pm - Open test riding of ST5 Pinion along with ST2 Pinion, ST3 Pinion and ST7. Experts from Stromer USA will be here to answer your questions.

If you are excited about the newest, coolest technology in ebikes, this event is for you! The ST5 Pinion is the latest model from Stromer, a company who has always been at the leading edge of ebike technology.

About ST5 Pinion

ST5 Pinion is the sports car replacement ebike – bringing fun and a smile to every commute or joy ride. This new model integrates the Pinion electronic Smartshift system with a super quiet and low maintenance Gates belt, offering incredibly smooth and precise performance with ergonomic shifting. This drivetrain was previously exclusive to the ST7, but now comes to the ST5 line. 

Beyond the shifting performance, the ST5 Pinion includes the latest ABS braking system, a long range 983wh battery, a new audible alert system, and integrated security with locking motor, alarm and GPS. 

For those interested in purchasing a new bike, there is no better time to buy or subscribe a new state-of-the art Stromer. All orders placed on Saturday will receive a very special gift! And, for current Stromer owners, bring your previous model for a special trade-in offer. 

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